Photo Credit: Courtesy Jerusalem Police Spokesperson
Police raid lab producing forged passports, checks, in Bayit VeGan

A police raid that was carried out last week in the Haredi Jerusalem neighborhood of Bayit Vagan revealed an advanced laboratory for forging Israeli and foreign passports, as well as forging of checks of foreign banks and other documents, the Jerusalem Police Spokesperson reported Sunday.

Police seized state-of-the-art computers, printers and other advanced equipment, which can be used for high-level forgery.


Two suspects were arrested, both Haredi men in their 50s to 60s, both Jerusalem residents, who were remanded for interrogations until Monday.

The Jerusalem police spokesperson noted that forgery felonies, especially dealing with passports, present an immediate danger to public security and enable nefarious parties to enter the country without supervision.

“We will act against these criminals with all the means and methods at our disposal in order to stop their activity,” police said.