Photo Credit: IDF
Gaza terrorist tries to infiltrate after damaging security fence on April 6 2018 (file)

As part of the effort to increase security along the “Seam Line” surrounding the Judea and Samaria region and following s recent series of terror attacks in Israel, the IDF announced on Sunday it was establishing a division dedicated to the effort to prevent Arab infiltrators from crossing the Seam Line in the Modi’in area, in the center of the country.

The task force in the area will consist of battalions already operating in the sector.


“The IDF will continue to act to prevent the passage of infiltrators in Judea and Samaria,” it stated.

The new headquarters will focus on commanding the forces at the Seam Line and will be comprised of officials in the operational and intelligence fields like the other regional divisions operating in Judea and Samaria.

The task of the forces is to “prevent the passage of infiltrators in the seam area, to enforce law and order, and to allow a proper fabric of life”.

The new division will have two battalions and 10 companies at its command.

The IDF has stepped up its counterterrorism operations in recent months following a series of terror attacks in Israeli cities which left 19 people dead and dozens injured. The majority of the terrorists infiltrated Israel illegally through the Seam Line.


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