Photo Credit: Padeh Poriah Medical Center Spokesperson
Grandma Tammy, Mom Einav and the first baby girl of 5783.

The first birth for the new year 5783 was recorded at Baruch Padeh Poriah Medical Center near T’veria a few minutes after 6:00 PM, at the onset of Rosh Hashanah. Welcome to the world, little Baby Girl Gafni – you’ll be one of those people no one forgets their birthday.

The mother, Einav Gafni from nearby Kfar Hitim, is the daughter of Tammy, a retired midwife who worked in Poriah’s delivery room for 26 years.


Tammy said that even though her daughter’s pregnancy was only at the end of week 38, she felt that she would give birth on the holiday and she was right: “She told me, Mom, don’t invite guests, I’m going to give birth on the holiday.”

Einav and her mate Ram Eretz said, “We’re so happy, couldn’t ask for a better gift for the new year.”

Tahrir Masalha, the deputy nurse in charge of the delivery room, delivered Einav’s daughter, added: “The whole team was excited along with Grandma Tammy. May we all have a fruitful year. A year of new beginnings and happy surprises.”

But wait, there’s more: summing up the holiday births, Nurse Masalha reported: “We had a happy and fruitful Rosh Hashanah in the delivery room, with a total of 18 births, 12 of them girls, and 6 boys.”


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