Photo Credit: Olivier Fitoussil/Flash90
Yeshiva student in protective suit, gloves, face mask and a face shield prays at the Kotel, September 03, 2020.

After the death toll from the coronavirus exceeded 1,000 to reach 1010 this weekend, the Health Ministry on Sunday morning published its latest data report, showing that 538 of the dead in Israel are men, 469 women.

Age appears to be a major factor: 940 of all the dead are over the age of 60 and only 77 are younger.


The youngest to have died of the pandemic is a 6-year-old girl; the oldest a 102-year-old woman.

So far only six people under the age of 30 have died.

Jerusalem leads the death toll from Corona with 153 deaths since the outbreak. It is followed by Bnei Brak with 73 deaths, and immediately behind Tel Aviv with 67.

Among the cities with fatalities are Beer Sheva, Petah Tikva, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Kiryat Gat, Ramat Gan and Netanya.

There have been 129,349 verified patients since the outbreak of the pandemic in Israel. Currently there are 445 patients whose condition is severe, 119 of them are on respirators.

The latest count for coronavirus cases around the world is 27,079,699; 883,942 deaths; 19,199,373 recoveries.

The US has 6,431,160, with 192,820 dead – 582 death per million. Israel also features a high death rate: 112 per million.

Brazil with 4,123,000 cases, India with 4,114,773, and Russia with 1,025,505 follow behind the US with the largest number of infections. Brazil, with 126,230 deaths, has the one of the highest death rate in the world: 593 per million, after Spain with 629, and Chile with 603.

The third largest number of coronavirus deaths has been marked by India: 70,704, followed by Mexico with 67,326, and the UK with 41,549.