The Israeli startup REE has unveiled an electric vehicle platform that changes the way electric vehicles are built and perform, further boosting its energy efficiency.

All components previously found under the hood of the car were incorporated into the vehicle base, and now the inner wheel space contains electric motors and a miniature gearbox.


The development is planned for the use of a variety of vehicles, such as an autonomous electric vehicle designed to transport goods to customers’ homes. The space saved by the REE vehicle’s base can be used for cargo, as well as for passengers or a larger electric battery.

The vehicle accelerates from 0 to 60 km per hour in less than three seconds and can be adapted for the use of SUVs, trucks or autonomous vehicle models.

Daniel Barel, CEO of REE, stated that “we have rebuilt the entire system, the steering system operates like in the world of aviation, with no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the wheels.”

“The system also includes a new rack and gear with the length of only 15 cm, weighing only 6 kg, instead of the old half-meter gear with dozens of wheel teeth,” he added.

REE has already partnered with leading automotive manufacturers, including Mitsubishi Corporation, Mushashi, Linamar, Tenneco and NXP.