Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz
Rocket crossing!

8:55 PM The rocket alert went off in the Negev and Gaza border Eshkol region at 8:55 PM.

9:08 PM The IDF says the Red Alert in the Eshkol was a false alarm.


9:17 PM According to reporter Or Heller, one rocket landed in an open area in the Eshkol region. No damage or injuries were reported.

The IDF has confirmed Or Heller’s report and troops are looking for the strike zone in the southern Eshkol region.

It is not yet 100% clear where the rocket was launched from, whether it was Gaza or Sinai, but it appears to have been launched from southern Gaza.

9:47 PM It is now suspected that the rocket crashed inside Gaza.

10:10 PM Arab sources say one rocket exploded at launch, and one landed in Israel.

The IDF has finally determined that the rocket was launched at Israel, but fell short and landed within Gaza.

Last night there were two false alarm rocket alerts. The system was set off by flares launched by the IDF.


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