On May 8th, 2001, Koby Mandell and Yosef Ish-Ran cut class to explore the canyon near their homes in Tekoa, Israel.

Their bodies were found in a cave nearby, murdered by terrorists who still have not been apprehended.


Instead of revenge, the Mandell’s have expressed the need for more light, and laughter, in this world.

This song is for Koby and Yosef. May their lights always live on.

To learn about the Koby Mandell Foundation and how they assist grieving families: www.kobymandell.org

To read Koby’s mother, Sherri Mandell’s memoir “The Blessing of a Broken Heart”.


You might be lost
But you’re never gone
A light that always lives on
You walked along
But never alone
On a steep dirt path
So close to home

Life was so free
Exploring down by the wadi
Now your secret hiding place
Is a cave of broken dreams

And a mother’s hope
To see to her boy grow old
(Ripped away, shredded, broken, how is this happening?)
In that cold dark cave
Which became your grave
(no matter where you’ll fly I won’t be far behind)

You’re my light that lives on.

I might be lost
But I can’t be gone
A decision was made
To carry on
Strike one was the tears
Strike two was the doubt
Strike three was asking
“How can I break free?”

But I picked up the pieces
Of a shattered future
The light refracting
How you’d still be here
Your charm, your smile, your Chen
I remember every day
No broken prism can change
You’re my past, my future, my every day.

And a mother’s hope to see her boy grow old
(You should be 33, are you 13 or 33?)
In that cold dark cave, I still feel your grace
(I feel your soul fly by like the birds up in the sky)
And when the darkness creeps
and I want to scream and shout
(ripped away shredded broken, how is this happening?)

You’re the light that guides me out.

And so I walk along
But never alone
On a steep dirt path
Of my life
Of my home
And I miss you and I love you
You’re my lost boy
but you are never gone
Because you’re my light
that always lives on.


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