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Tesla Model S

An index that was created by the insurance company checked the prices of five luxury vehicles in 32 countries around the world (The Luxury Car Index) and discovered that the most expensive place on the planet to buy your next luxury car is… well, you already guessed it from the title – Israel.

Let’s compare, for the fun of it, what the same luxury car model would cost you in Israel and in the United States:


Range Rover: $368,101 vs. $94,250
Mercedes Benz S-Class: $335,757 vs. $94,250
BMW X7: $274,150 vs. $74,900
Audi e-tron Quattro: $161,943 vs. $65,900
Tesla Model S: $147,689 vs. $79,990

By the way, Israel was trailed by Denmark and Finland for the dubious honor of the most expensive countries to buy luxury cars, and the reason for these shocking prices is the same in all three countries: taxes, taxes, taxes. In Israel, around 80% of the value of these vehicles is purchase tax, with VAT and import charges on top.

The same tax policy is applied to all the new cars imported to Israel, but the sticker shock is less explosive because most models on Israel’s road are economy and below.

Here’s the entire list of countries where luxury cars are sold and what they’ll cost you:

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