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Adas Torah Orthodox synagogue at 9040 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, California

Yesterday we reported about the tensions that escalated into physical confrontations outside the Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles’ Pico-Robertson area on Sunday, as pro-Hamas protesters clashed with Israel supporters.


On Monday, the Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) condemned what it called real estate events that had been held at two California synagogues, last Thursday at Shaarey Zedek in Valley Village, and Sunday at Adas Torah, “promoting the sale of land located in the illegally-occupied Palestinian territories.”

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Here’s the thing: the My Israel Home real estate company did conduct those two events, urging Jewish Angelinos to buy a second (or first) home in Israel. But a glance at their page describing their recent projects reveals they are all inside “Israel proper.” There’s Eden Hills, where more than 40 homes have been sold “in a stunning nature preserve near Beit Shemesh and Jerusalem.” And the Ramat Baka Project in Jerusalem, with 30 luxury apartments sold. And a project in Jerusalem’s German Colony, a short walk from the President’s residence. And Holyland Tower. And a 6 room apt. in Old Katamon, definitely pre-1967 “green line.” Check it out, I’m jealous of the folks who had the means to get those homes.

But as far as CAIR-LA is concerned, it’s all “land located in the illegally-occupied Palestinian territories.” These are not people who seek a two-state solution, they are after a one-state solution with all the Jews in the deep sea.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, director of Global Social Action Agenda for the Simon Wiesenthal Center, tweeted on Monday: “What we experienced outside Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles yesterday was no mere hate crime but domestic terrorism. It is high time that federal law enforcement start connecting the dots, wherever they may lead.”

Here’s a thought: the connected dots will lead to CAIR-LA.

Mayor Karen Bass of Los Angeles announced her intention to consult with the city attorney’s office. The discussions will focus on several protest-related issues, including:

  • The permitting process for demonstrations
  • Policies regarding mask-wearing during protests
  • Clarifying the legal boundaries of protest activities

The mayor aims to establish clearer guidelines distinguishing between lawful and unlawful protest behavior.

President Joe Biden tweeted: “I’m appalled by the scenes outside of Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles. Intimidating Jewish congregants is dangerous, unconscionable, antisemitic, and un-American. Americans have a right to peaceful protest. But blocking access to a house of worship – and engaging in violence – is never acceptable.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted: “The violent clashes outside the Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles are appalling. There is no excuse for targeting a house of worship. Such antisemitic hatred has no place in California.”

Meanwhile, a testimonial from Susie and Kalman Fishbein, describes their MIH agent, an ex-New Yorker, who drove them around, “finding incredibly tight spaces within which to park, all the while educating them about neighborhoods, developments, projects and buildings. Allowed them time to think without feeling pressured. Negotiated and wrangled on their behalf, and signed a contract in record time.” I know this sounds like a commercial, but it’s not. It’s an appeal to LA Jews to sell and come on over to their real country. Before, you know, it’s too late…?

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