Photo Credit: Yechezkel Itkin / Chabad Lubavitch HQ / FB
Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries in front of 770 Eastern Parkway, World Lubavitch HQ, (archive)

The highest rabbinic authority for the Chabad-Lubavitch community in Israel, Rabbi Yitzchak Yehuda Yaroslavsky, was rushed to the hospital just before the start of the Sabbath last Friday.

The chairman of Beis Din Rabbonei Chabad in Israel and rabbinical leader of the Nachlas Har Chabad neighborhood in Kiryat Malachi, Rabbi Yaroslavsky had just returned earlier in the week from participating in the Global Yarchei Kallah event in New York.


On Friday, the rabbi was taken to Assuta Ashdod Medical Center in Ashdod, where a cardiac catheterization was performed in order to determine the status of a heart condition.

He is expected to be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday, according to a report on, and “will continue to receive treatment,” according to a Chabad activist quoted by the Chabad website.

The public is being asked to pray for the full and speedy recovery of Yitzchak Yehuda ben Chaya Esther.


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