Chabad House for Israelis in Orange County Celebrates Its First Sefer Torah

The ceremony of writing the final letters in the Sefer Torah took place on the street, witnessed by many local Jews.

Turkish Newspaper Makes ‘Ludicrously Outrageous’ Claims about Chabad

Chabad’s “record of centuries of serving the needs of Jews and all people in need speaks for itself,” said spokesman Rabbi Motti Seligson.

Liverpool Chabad Rabbi Pays Tribute to Elderly Jewish Couple Who Perished in a Flood

"They were due to celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary next week and our only comfort is knowing that they were together to the very end."

On Maui, Chabad Rabbi Has a ‘Heavy Heart’ But Cites ‘Beautiful Sense of Camaraderie...

“It’s a long road ahead but at times like these we find strength from one another. We’re all one family: not only the Jewish community, but the community at large on Maui.”

Israeli Officials, Chabad Emissaries Launch New Jewish Teen Club in Kyiv

The clubs are a collaboration between the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, the Ohr Avner Foundation, and the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs.

Chabad of Poland, Mosaic United, Israel’s Diaspora Ministry Unite to Host Jewish Ukrainian Refugees

Israel’s Minister for Diaspora Affairs and Combating Antisemitism, MK Amichai Chikli, launched the program at a special appearance in Warsaw on July 17.

Goyim Defense League Harasses Worshipers at Chabad Synagogue in Georgia on Shabbat

Goyim Defense League head Jon Minadeo Jr. was arrested Friday evening in connection with an antisemitic incident in Macon earlier in the day.

MK Dan Illouz Submits Bill to Establish Annual Commemoration for Lubavitcher Rebbe, obm

"The Lubavitcher Rebbe tirelessly worked to strengthen Jewish identity throughout the world," Illouz said. "He was a man of both thought and action, an educator and a spiritual leader of global stature."

Thousands Visiting Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Grave for ‘Gimel Tamuz’

“The Rebbe gave an order, marching orders. And so you have to go on marching.”

Kherson’s Chabad-Lubavitch Emissary Rescuing Jews After Kakhovka Dam Breach in Ukraine

"Hundreds of thousands are going to lose everything they had in life."

Jewish Life Thriving Near Warsaw Ghetto Deportation Site, Despite Challenges Due to Ukraine War

May marks just 80 years (May 1943) after the Nazi General Jurgen Stroop reported to Adolf Hitler that “The Warsaw Ghetto is no more” in a final report on the liquidation of the Ghetto.

Ukraine’s SBU Security Service Arrests Antisemite Who Called to Kill Jews, Threatened Chabad Rabbi...

The graffiti said, “Kill the Jews”, “Death to Jews” and “The Jews Will Kill Us.” Shortly before, the Chabad public menorah was thrown into the Uzhhorod River.

Florida Sober Passover Seder to Accommodate Jews in Treatment Centers

“There’s something bittersweet about a Seder for someone on the road to recovery. After all, Passover celebrates liberation from captivity, something an individual in recovery longs to experience."

Released Time Program Distributes Shmurah Matzah to Hundreds of NYC Public School Students

The Released Time program allow for public school students with parental permission to take time during regular school hours to receive religious instruction.

Biden Proclaims ‘National Education Day’ on Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Birthday

His faith and study taught him that education is the antidote to hate and the cornerstone of humanity, the White House said.

120 New Young Jewish Men at Colel Chabad’s Western Wall Bar Mitzvah

“We are in the year of Hakhel, the Jewish year specifically calling for us to gather together, and there is no more important time for this to happen than today, with all that is going on in Israel.”

Chabad Hasid Ilan Fuchs Elected Mayor in Rockland County, NY

Three other religious Jews, Joel Grunwald, Ra’anan Zidile and Marc Greenberg were elected to the Pomona Board in the same election.

Second Violent Mugger Arrested in Crown Heights Robbery Attack

“We demand that the NYPD add more protection in the neighborhood. Our children, our families, must be able to walk safely on our streets.”

Interfaith Clergy, NYPD, City Officials Protest Antisemitism in Crown Heights

Speakers at the event emphasized that “love and tolerance” must triumph over hate – but few strategies to implement that concept were raised at the gathering.

Cape Coral, Florida Chabad House Attacked on Shabbat

Rabbi Yossi Labkowski: "We don't live in fear. We are here and we will continue our work and if we have to protect ourselves, we will protect ourselves.”

Florida Congress Member Holds Anti-Hate Meeting at Chabad

The meeting, held at Chabad SW Broward in Cooper City, came as a response to neo-nazi and white supremacist groups attempting to organize a “National Day of Hate” on February 25, 2023.

Chabad Shabbaton to Attract Thousands of Teens from Around the World

The annual event, hosted in New York City, fosters a sense of Jewish community for students from North America and around the world.

Rabbi Mendy Chitrik in Turkey: ‘We’re Hoping for Miracles’

"Whatever is left in the city will have to be rebuilt and it will take time. It’s a very sad situation – so many casualties, so much destruction."

Worldwide Chabad Centers Warned of ISIS Plans to Attack Synagogues

“It is not known which specific place, God forbid, they are planning to attack, so we have asked all emissaries to increase their vigilance.”

‘Palestine’ Sprayed Again on NYC Chabad Mitzvah Tank

Chabad-Lubavitch emissary Rabbi Yehuda Pevzner, who runs the mitzvah tank, noted that the phenomenon of antisemitism has been “raising its profile lately, even in the modern world.”

Chabad Ice Menorah Smashed in Upper East Side Antisemitic Attack

Shattered Hanukkah menorah stationed at East 93rd Street and 2nd Avenue marks the second holiday attack that occurred at the same center.

In Russia, ‘Despite the Situation, Permits Were Given’ for a Public Hanukkah Menorah Lighting

A large crowd of people participated in the joyous celebration, even though it was snowing and freezing cold.

Pre-Holocaust Menorah to be Featured at Turkish Consulate Hanukah Party in New York

How did a 19th century menorah from Prague end up being the star of a Hanukah party hosted by Turkey?

Beware: WhatsApp Scammers Stole Thousands of Dollars in Brooklyn

The scam has already affected members of the Crown Heights Jewish community.


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