Jewish Caucus, Chabad, Announce First-Ever Sukkah at New York City Hall

Organizing the project was a real team effort, according to Jewish Caucus Chairman Chaim Deutsch.

Astrakhan Gets a Mikvah

“The nearest mikvah to us was in Volgograd, a six-hour bus ride one way,” explained Deborah Melamed. “The other option was to take the 12-hour train ride to Saratov or a two-hour flight to Moscow.”

Kentucky Governor Signs Anti-BDS Law

Including Kentucky, 26 states have now passed legislation banning state entities from signing contracts with those who cooperate with the BDS campaign against Israel.

Chabad Leader in Israel Undergoes Heart Procedure

The public is being asked to pray for the full and speedy recovery of Yitzchak Yehuda ben Chaya Esther.

Chabad Buckles Down for Hurricane Dorian in Puerto Rico

"Leaving nothing to chance" and making a "final inspection to ensure generator function" before Dorian reaches Puerto Rico.

Orthodox Jew Bloodied in Anti-Semitic Attack in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

“Has it become too dangerous for openly religious Jewish men to walk the streets of NYC?”

Suspect Arrested in Anti-Semitic Attack in Crown Heights

The suspect was arrested by New York Police and charged with a hate-crime assault, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon.

FBI Offers $20,000 for Information on 3 Chabad Arsons in Massachusetts

At the time of the incidents, surveillance footage captured an unknown male, approximately 5’11”, slowly walking to and from the locations where the fires were set.

Lubavitch: Barring Jews from Historic Krakow Synagogue Unforgivable

The Krakow struggle appears to be between the old guard, the Jakubowiczs and their relatively few supporters (about 150, according to media reports), and the newcomers, Chabad Lubavitch.

Lubavitch Movement Marks Rebbe’s 25th Yahrzeit

Besides his tireless work over four decades to promote Jewish continuity, establishing a global network of Chabad houses and numerous other institutions directed at Jews, the Rebbe also made a significant mark on the non-Jewish world.

New, Free Online Course to Explore the Rebbe’s Approach to Torah Study

“This is not only an opportunity to learn about the Rebbe’s teachings,” says Rabbi Yaakov Kaplan, who produced the course. “Rather, this is a chance to learn the Rebbe’s teachings themselves. It is a guided tour through complex and nuanced Torah study.”

Chabad Rabbis Print ‘Tanya’ at Ramat Trump in Golan Heights

“Even before the first tractor has touched the ground, a spiritual “housewarming” was carried out in the future settlement, in the form of printing the Tanya on the site."

Chabad Emissary in Rosario, Argentina Attacked by 3 Hooligans

According to neighbors' reports, the three youths cursed out the rabbi, beat him up and stepped on his hat.

Putin Unveils Memorial to Jewish Uprisings in Nazi Death Camps

The project was sponsored by Viktor Vekselberg, a Ukrainian-born tycoon whose father was Jewish.

Chabad of Poway Shooter Indicted on 113 Counts

One person was murdered in the attack, and three more were wounded.

Multiple Arson Attacks Against Boston Area Chabads

Joint Terrorism Task Force investigates multiple suspicious fires targeting Boston Chabads.

New Community Center Opens in ‘Fiddler’s’ Anatevka

The space will serve various community needs and function as a medical rehabilitation center.

Ukraine’s President-elect Meets with Chabad Rabbis

The delegation presented Zelensky with a Torah translated into Russian, and wished him success in his new position.

Shooter Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ in Deadly Chabad of Poway Synagogue Attack, Bail Denied

Miraculously, Earnest didn't use his extra 50 bullets because the District Attorney said, “Something happened to interrupt his use of that gun.”

Poway Rabbi Goes on MSNBC to Thank Trump for his Support and Comfort

The gunman, John Earnest, was a Trump hater, and called him in a post he entered an hour before his attack, "that Zionist, Jew-loving, anti-White, traitorous [expletive]."

Watch: Agent Tells How He Chased Shooter From Synagogue

Oscar Stewart engaged the gunman together with a U.S. military veteran; together they kept nearly all of the congregation safe.

Rabbi, Young Israeli Girl Among Wounded in Shooting at Chabad Shul in Poway, California

“This shooter was engaged by people in the congregation, and those brave people certainly prevented this from being a much worse tragedy.”

Chabad Rabbi: Lori Gilbert Kaye Saved my Life

"Our rabbi, Yisroel Goldstein, who was taken to the emergency room, told everyone that she saved his life because she stood in front of him."

Chabad Leadership Warns of ‘Dangerous, Downward Spiral of Anti-Semitism’

"Anti-Jewish violence in the United States has now risen to a level that cannot be ignored or dismissed."

Violent Robbery at Nairobi Chabad House, Rabbi, Wife, Beaten, Injured

The robbers entered Mrs. Notik's bedroom, beat her with a stick to wake her up, threatened her life and demanded money.

The Tanya Was Lost in Beresheet’s Moon Crash

It should be noted that the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Sholom Dovber Schneersohn, is known to have said that "our understanding of the Tanya is like a goat looking at the moon."

Chabad of South Korea Completing Construction of First-Ever Mikvah

Jewish women seeking ritual pool services have thus far had to travel quite a distance, to China or Japan, to use a mikvah for family purity.

Utah Chabad Rabbi Says his Nanny Sexually Abused Him

In an interview taped by police, the nanny said she was teaching little Avremi Zippel to be a good husband.

Joy Overcomes Loss in Jerusalem Bat Mitzvah Celebration

“The reality is that victims of terror are, sadly, in their own category. We are forced to approach these events differently."


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