Watch Live: The International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim

6000 Chabad Shluchim (emmisaries) from around the world gather and meet for the annual Lubavitch gathering.

Chabad-Lubavitch Headquarters Expands Security Operations

“Today with antisemitic incidents on the rise, the need to address security concerns of shluchim has never been greater.”

Chabad Wants Their Books Back (from Russia)

The lawsuit seeks to enforce a US ruling so that it can seize Russian assets worth tens of millions of dollars also in Israel.

Meretz Activists Don Tefillin

The unexpected gesture was in response to the desecration of Tefillin earlier in the day.

Ben Gvir Removed from Kfar Chabad Celebrations So Netanyahu Won’t Be Seen with Him

We bless him and his partner Bezalel Smotrich to win enough mandates so Bibi would be forced to treat them with respect.

Chabad House Becomes Storm Shelter as Hurricane Ian Smashes Its Way Across Florida

Torrential rains, whipping winds and record storm surge all combined to make Ian an historic hurricane just two miles per hour shy of a Category 5 monster.

Abu Dhabi (and UAE) Holds its Largest Jewish Wedding Ever

Guests included Emirati royals, prominent rabbis, dignitaries and much of the country’s burgeoning Jewish community.

Gathering at Ohel to Mark 32nd Year After Passing of Rabbi JJ Hecht, obm

Rabbi Hecht’s influence has spread far and wide after his passing.

Amid Jewish Agency Row, Chabad Threatens Legal Action Against Kremlin

Chabad is demanding the return of the Schneerson historical library archives, and has asked the Israeli government to freeze all proceedings to transfer the Alexander Court church compound in Jerusalem to Russia.

Toddler Dies in Car Outside Chabad Preschool in South Florida

Police have asked for a warrant to retrieve surveillance video from the school and surrounding buildings.

Idaho to Get First Mikvah as Part of $3.5 Million Chabad Construction Project

“During the pandemic, our community has grown tremendously, and we are now able to provide more services,” said Rabbi Mendel Lifshitz.

ODA Primary Health Care Network Opens Branch in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Services are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with on-call availability 24 hours a day.

De Niro, Spike Lee, Josh Alexander, AP, Rehabilitate Crown Heights Pogrom’s Leader

Alexander’s film celebrates Sharpton’s legacy as “an extension of Martin Luther King Jr.

Russia Permanently Bans Three Senior Chabad Rabbis

Chabad has long sought the return of its historic collection of Jewish and Chassidic books and manuscripts amassed by the Rebbes of Chabad and seized by Russia since WWII.

Tallahassee Chabad House to Bury Burnt Torah Scrolls

The cause of the fire is still unknown, and is under investigation.

Devastating Fire Destroys Tallahassee Chabad House in Florida

The Chabad Center sustained major damage, including the loss of all the Torah scrolls and hundreds of books. The kitchen and other facilities were also destroyed.

Chabad Rabbi Addresses Miami-Dade National Prayer Breakfast

National Prayer Day was created in 1952 by a joint Congressional resolution, and became a national holiday in 1988.

California Rabbi is First Chabad Board Member of US Holocaust Memorial

The rabbi's appointment was announced by President Donald Trump on January 29, 2020, along with those of two other new members.

Louisville, Kentucky Chabad House Destroyed in Blaze

The quick acceleration of the fire in the synagogue has prompted the Louisville Metro Arson Unit to launch an investigation.

Foreign Jewish Students Bake Matzos, Some Never Celebrated the Seder

"I just tasted matzah for the first time in my life and it was cool."

Elected Officials Condemn Antisemitic Remarks at Long Island Board of Trustees Meeting

"A synagogue cannot be on every residential street like they are on the Five Towns."

Colel Chabad, Established 1788, Preparing for Influx of Thousands Fleeing Ukraine

“Since the end of World War II, we haven’t seen such a painful crisis where large numbers of Jewish families are being torn apart and literally running for their lives.”

Beijing Olympic Committee Asks Chabad Rabbi to Organize the Kosher Food

Chabad emissary Rabbi Shimon Freundlich was asked to organize kosher food for the Jewish athletes, coaches, and journalists. One of them is ice skater Hailey Kops.

Brooklyn Yeshiva Student Punched in Face on Crown Heights Street

The two students were walking past 1505 Carroll Street near Troy Avenue, heading to their Yeshiva dorm, at approximately 1:30 am, when the incident occurred.

Former Chabad of Poway Rabbi Gets 14 Months for Multi-Million-Dollar Fraud Schemes

He lost his right index finger in the attack, which probably made it very difficult to count out those 10% cuts.

First Time: Tanya Printed in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Three Chabad Chassidim, Avigdor Factor, Yossi Lipsh, and Moshe Raichman from Ramat Bet Shemesh traveled to Manama, Bahrain to print the Tanya on the Yahrtzeit of the Alter Rebbe's passing, the 24th in the month of Tevet.

Two New York State Programs To Cover Home Bills

The state expects to receive significantly more applications than can be funded by the program.

San Jose Chabad Synagogue Torched

For the fledgling Jewish community the fire was a devastating blow.

Texas Man Charged with Threatening to Kill Rabbis at Chabad Headquarters

Christopher Stephen Brown, 37, allegedly sent a message to Chabad via its website on Dec. 2, calling for the death of all Jews and threatening to kill members of the beit din, a Jewish rabbinical court.


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