Photo Credit: Courtesy of Polish Police
This woman is wanted for setting fire to a tombstone.

And now for something completely different: elderly Jewish woman suspected of setting fire to Catholic tombstone. Fakt reported last week (Policja szuka podpalaczki grobu. Wygląda niepozornie, ale podejrzewają tę staruszkę!) that in early June, “an extremely outrageous act of vandalism” had taken place at the parish cemetery on Staromorzysławska Street in Konin, central Poland. “Someone set fire to and damaged one of the tombstones.”

According to Fakat, “immediately after receiving the notification, the police began tracking down the perpetrator of this hooligan act. After reviewing the surveillance recordings, they zeroed in on a suspicious perpetrator. To the surprise of the officers, the suspect turned out to be … a nice-looking elderly lady. Now they have decided to publish her image.”


Fakt speculated: “Why did she do it? This, unfortunately, is not known. Perhaps she was driven by a desire for revenge for past wrongs?” That part may be code for her being Jewish. And, as the report promised, “Everything will be cleared up when the suspect is questioned.”

Just to make sure the readers get the coded message, Fakt included links to two other tombstone desecration stories: Horror in Wrocław! A gang of children has disgraced the dead! Are there no limits ?!, and It was they who destroyed the Jewish cemetery. They are still children …

Of course, there’s always the chance the old lady bore a grudge against the deceased under the stone, but Fakt offered no links to stories with regular polish tombstones getting wrecked.


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