Photo Credit: courtesy, Deborah Gregor
Jewish tombstone fragments gathered from a roadbed on the bank of Hook Creek in North Woodmere, Nassau County

A reader and her friend made a horrifying discovery earlier this month, and asked the news outlet to help shed some light on the details.

We bring information about the discovery to the public forum in hopes of triggering interest and more to the point, finding someone who knows more about this terrible situation.


On the banks of Hook Creek in the beautiful town of North Woodmere in Nassau County, there is a bed of crushed white rocks, which appear to be made of white granite or marble.

These rocks were laid to facilitate the entry of utility trucks needed to update the electricity poles installed in the area.

“I visited a friend whose house backs onto Hook Creek,” wrote Deborah Gregor, a reader, adding that as she and her friend went for a walk on the bank of the creek, they made a horrifying discovery.

“As we walked on these crushed stones, she looked down and saw a white stone with a carved Jewish star — and as we continued walking we found more stones with carvings of segments of words, clearly a part of “beloved” and “…ther”, possibly mother or father.”

In five minutes the two women had gathered seven carved stones, Gregor said. “I am certain that there are many, many more,” she said.

“How did Jewish tombstones come to be used as a road bed on the bank of Hook Creek in Nassau County?? Where are they from?”

Where indeed?

This is a developing story.


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