Photo Credit: Courtesy Hebron Fund
Shabbat Chayei Sarah

Excitement is growing for the annual Shabbat Hebron starting tonight, Parshat Chayei Sarah.

The Hebron Fund offers English speakers an opportunity to experience this unique Shabbat with trained tour guides, specially catered meals and a chance to hobnob with political celebrities like Caroline Glick and Eugene Kontorovich.

Shabbat Chayei Sarah Tent City for Guests, 2010

Last year, Shabbat Hebron attracted 35,000 celebrants. The highlight of the visit is the prayer service at the Tomb of Machpela complex, built 2,000 years ago by King Herod the Great to house the Cave of our Matriarchs and Patriarchs.

The atmosphere of Shabbat Hebron is festive and suffused with a sense of purpose. Tents dot the grass lawn outside the Cave of the Patriarchs, for visitors who camp out and picnic there this Shabbat. After Shabbat, the festivities will continue with music and the smell of BBQ filling the streets.

Jews from across Israel gathered outside the Cave of the Patriarchs over Shabbat Chayei Sarah

The special tours this weekend include the Hall of Isaac and Rebecca, a section of the Machpela complex that includes the actual entrance into the underground double cave. Tours of the historic casbah and Tomb of Otniel Ben Knaz will also take place.

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