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Gazan woman speaks up against Hamas on Al Jazeera

In a Thursday morning update, Roi Kais, Kan 11’s military correspondent, shared a video snippet from Al Jazeera’s live broadcast. The segment featured an interview with an elderly woman from Gaza who had sought refuge in Khan Yunis after fleeing the northern Gaza Strip. During the conversation, the Jazeera reporter discussed the challenging situation, expressing concern over the lack of incoming aid. However, the woman countered his expectations, revealing that the aid was actually being directed underground through tunnels, bypassing those on the surface. Despite attempts to censor her, she insisted that all aid was reaching Hamas-affiliated homes.


Is it a case of too little, too late? Not necessarily. The Denazification program, initiated by the Allied Powers after the defeat of the Nazis in World War II, aimed to purge German and Austrian society of Nazi ideology. Running from 1945 to 1947, the program involved removing former Nazi Party and SS members from positions of influence, dismantling Nazi-associated organizations, and prosecuting prominent Nazis in the Nuremberg trials of 1946.

Approximately 8 million Germans, constituting 10% of the population, had been Nazi Party members. Additionally, Nazi-related organizations boasted large memberships, such as the German Labor Front (25 million), the National Socialist People’s Welfare Organization (17 million), and the League of German Women (2 million). The Nazi state, with as many as 45 million participants, was deeply entwined with these organizations. Post-war denazification, a challenging but ultimately successful endeavor, was driven by the understanding among the majority of Germans that they suffered due to the failures of the Nazi regime.

The story begins with an elderly woman bravely speaking out, highlighting that the people of Gaza have been let down by Hamas, bearing the consequences of its shortcomings.

After the conflict is concluded and all the Hamas leaders are punished, Israel might consider implementing a plan akin to the Marshall Plan, which injected $13.3 billion into Western European economies, including Germany, after World War II. With resources and effective governance, minus the disruptions caused by terrorists, Gaza could potentially experience a transformation similar to the post-war economic recovery witnessed in West Germany and Austria – a Gaza version of the Miracle on the Rhine.


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