Photo Credit: Screenshot Ltd, an Israeli software company publicly listed in the US that provides cloud-based web development services, is the registered owner of the website which Israeli advocacy activists put on Monday, and features harsh and uncensored content from the October 7 Hamas massacre.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all the Israeli embassies around are pushing this site to present the horrors of October 7 to the world.


The site pretends to be a presentation of the terrorist organization itself, bragging about the horrors it inflicted on the Zionists: 1,400 Zionist civilians murdered – women, children, babies; 241 Israeli, US, EU civilian hostages; 5,300 Zionists wounded and hospitalized; 41 Zionist children & babies murdered and burnt alive; 1,300 Jewish Homes burned; 10,500 Hamas missiles fired on major Zionist cities & villages

From the third screen down, visitors are exposed to the horrors that were photographed by the Hamas Nazis with enormous glee and great detail. Enter at your own peril.

Most of the tweets responding to the new website believe it’s genuine Hamas propaganda and respond with the expected level of rage and scorn. Some, like me, checked the whois function on domain websites and discovered the domain is owned by Israelis.

I am aware of only one attempt to take down the website, which this user, Anonymous Sudan, claims to have succeeded. Except the website is still up.

And this, more realistic report:


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