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MK Michal Rozin (Meretz)

MK Michal Rozin (Meretz) called on the Knesset legal adviser to block Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s NGO transparency law to be presented for a first vote at the plenum Monday evening. The law will require NGOs that receive more than half their budgets from foreign political entities to mention this fact in all their official publications. Violators will be fined $7,500.

In a letter to attorney Eyal Yinon, Rosin argues that the law would discourage foreign governments from supporting, among others, human rights NGOs that support children. Rosin complained that the bill does not deal with this aspect.


According to NGO Monitor, in the period between 2012-2014, 27 Israeli NGOs associated with the left and with anti-Zionist positions, received a total sum of $65,811,236 in grants and donations, of which 65% ($42,777,017) came from governments (through direct and indirect funding) and 34% ($22,354,154) from private donors and foundations, while the source remained unclear for the remaining 1% ($680,067).

Of the 27 groups examined, 20 receive more than 50% of their funding from governments. The three NGOs receiving the highest share of foreign government funding are Yesh Din (93.5%), Terrestrial Jerusalem (91.2%), and Emek Shaveh (90.2%).

Twenty-one governmental and intergovernmental entities fund Israeli NGOs (this includes funding by the EU, UN and the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat). The EU is the largest donor, providing $7 million, followed by Norway and Germany.

Of the $22,354,154 received in private funding, the leading foundations are the Sigrid Rausing Trust (14%), the New Israel Fund (12%), the Open Society Institute (7%), the Moriah Fund (4%), the Social Justice Fund (3%), and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation (2%).

19% ($12,691,057) of the funding is donated by Christian groups (churches or Christian humanitarian aid organizations). Most of these institutions receive large sums of government funding. 5% of donations were given by private religious institutions and/or donors.



  1. Meretz would sell their Mothers to promote their deranged ideology. Are Jews worried about the EU withholding money for NGOs, answer NO. The dogs are already boycotting Isreal, giving money to NGOs and the murderous Arabs, The EU has to understand the days of the crusades are over, they will never control this land again.

  2. typical reply from a loony leftist-
    how many ngos have earmarked $$ to
    poor children. count them on one finger.
    What percentage of the ngos support subversion in Israel?
    what a crock of crocodile tears this misguided woman sheds
    for the poor. Foreign countries and ngos that have israel's true concerns in mind will have no problem feeding and publicizing their philanthropy. A few who might include the poor but give much more to undermine Israel
    should find some other nation to tinker with. Their money is not wanted.

    If this dimmed creature cannot diffentiate between ngos with evil and good intentions, one wonders what she can do
    to earn her position in the knesset. What a sad commentary on human intelligence!

  3. Whatever happened to the Left's sacred "transparency?" Just what are they afraid of? Only the fact that all the money is coming in from countries and organisations that defame Israel with lies, inuendos, misrepresentation and encourage our enemies to murdePA/Norway ect all share the same ideology. Hate for the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

    The Oslo peace process was based upon Israel's leftists to work with the fascist/nazi Norwegian elite. They all are/were anti Israel and pro Arab and many ipenly called for the destruction of Israel to be replaced with a secular democratic stae of Palestine. That explains all we need to know about the Leftwing in Israel. and still no apologies for the victims of peace from the old gangster Peres.

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