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Hezbollah secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah, 2019 in Iran

Some Lebanese and Arab media sources are currently reporting that Hezbollah terror chieftain Hassan Nasrallah died on Monday evening.

In a recent video, Nasrallah appeared to be very sick. The rumor mill claimed he was hospitalized a short time after, and was unconscious and on a respirator. Other rumors claim he was flown to Iran for treatment.


There have been multiple reports over the years reporting Nasrallah’s demise that turned out to be false, and at this point there is no way to confirm the reports.

Middle East expert Shimrit Meir also confirms there are multiple rumors of Nasrallah’s possible dying or death, but warns there’s nothing official backing it up yet. Time will tell.

The Lebanese paper Al-Joumhouria claims Nasrallah is simply suffering from allergies and pneumonia and that he doesn’t have Corona. They said he was not hospitalized and a specialist has examined him and he is on antibiotics.

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