In an interview with Al-Arabiya Network (Saudi Arabia) on Aug. 26, Syrian opposition activist Asaad Al-Zubi stated that Hezbollah refuses to return weapons handed to it by the Syrian regime.

According to a report by MEMRI, he claimed that the Syrian regime transferred chemical weapons to Lebanon in order to conceal them from Western inspectors, but Hezbollah has stated that they would not be returned to Syria.


Furthermore, Zubi stated that Hezbollah got shoulder-fired missiles, anti-tank missiles and modern tanks, and has no intention of ever returning them, despite appeals from the Syrian regime, which reportedly sorely needs them.

“But Hezbollah kept all the modern weapons that it took [from the Syrian army], including shoulder-fired missiles—and among those modern anti-tank missiles—and most importantly, 400 tons of chemical WMDs,” said Zubi.

He added: “When inspectors came to Syria to search [for chemical weapons], the [Syrian] regime transferred 400 tons [of them] to a region in Jabal Sannin [in Lebanon] to hide [the chemical weapons] with Hezbollah.”


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