Photo Credit: Taymaz Valley / United Against Executions in Iran
A man protesting the Iranian regime’s numerous executions, May 20, 2023.

Four individuals accused of being Mossad agents were executed in Iran on Monday morning, Mehr reported.

The four, Mohammad Faramarzi, Mohsen Mazloum, Vafa Azarbar, and Pejman Fatehi, had entered Iran illegally from Iraqi Kurdistan last year, according to the report. Their target was the defense ministry’s facility in Najaf Abad, Isfahan province, which they supposedly were planning to hit on July 23, 2023.


Iranian Intelligence captured them a few days before the target date.

According to Mehr, the four had been recruited in 2021 by a senior member of the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan, which is on the blacklist of the Ayatollahs’ regime as a terrorist group, but is described by sources other than the dictators of the Islamic Republic as a social-democratic party of Iranian that started fifty years ago as a Marxist-Leninist party. Because of the regime’s persecution, the Komala party’s headquarters are located in Iraqi Kurdistan. The Komala has an armed wing with a history of leading Kurdish resistance and fighting for Kurdish self-determination.

According to Western reports, the group has fewer than 1,000 members, but the Komala guerillas are well armed with AK-47s and RPGs, as well as anti-aircraft guns.

On December 29, 2023, Al Jazeera reported that Iran executed three men and one woman who were convicted of being Mossad spies. They were sentenced to death on charges of “moharebeh,” an Islamic legal term meaning “waging war against God,” and “corruption on Earth” because of their “collaboration with the Zionist regime.”

On December 16, 2023, Iran executed a man convicted of working for Mossad. And in December 2022, Iran executed four individuals who were also convicted of collaborating with Mossad.

UN human rights chief Volker Turk on May 10, 2023, condemned Iran’s “abominable” track record of executions. He said at the time that more than 210 people had been executed as of May 2023, and the actual number for the year was much higher, estimated at 600.

In 2015, the UN accused Iran of executing 972 people.

Of course, not only people accused of Mossad affiliation are hanged in Iran; many are executed for blasphemy, violation of modesty laws, and cursing out clerics.

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