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Mohammad Eslami, the Vice President and Head of the Atomic Energy Organization in the government of President Ebrahim Raisi.

Mohammad Eslami, the Vice President and Head of the Atomic Energy Organization in the government of President Ebrahim Raisi, on Monday announced that his country has the technical means to develop nuclear weapons, but has no such goal on its agenda, Fars reported.

“Iran has technical opportunities to create a nuclear bomb, however, such a program is not on the table,” Eslami said, noting that the accusations that Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons are groundless. “These false accusations are being promoted by Israel with the support of anti-revolutionary forces to fool public opinion,” he said.



The Iranians were upset when, on July 22, IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi reported that Iran’s nuclear program had advanced significantly since the 2015 accords. He also pointed out wryly that countries without nuclear projects need to enrich uranium up to 60% as Iran does.

Eslami, however, insisted that “all our actions [in the nuclear program] are being implemented within the framework of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons under the IAEA’s control.”

Again, such a relief to know.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the Deputy Head of Iran’s nuclear agency AEOI, Pejman Shirmardi, announced that his country’s nuclear industries conduct their activities by utilizing equipment built 90% domestically, which is the result of the efforts by Iranian scientists.

Of whom there are fewer and fewer with every passing week, as you may have noticed (most recently: IRGC Missile Engineer Assassinated in Iran).

Eslami, for his part, stressed that “the efforts of the enemies by committing sabotage in the field of nuclear technology have made it the frontline. Our scientists stood up at the order of the Leader who said, ‘Produce it yourselves.’”

Last week, Iran’s VP and Head of its Atomic Energy announced the construction of a new “research reactor” in the central city of Isfahan will begin in the coming weeks, Iran Front Page reported. The reactor will be fully Iranian-made and complete Iran’s chain of research, assessment, testing, and certification for the production of nuclear power.



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