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Royal Jordanian Air Force F-16, August 24, 2015.

A warplane likely from Jordan’s air force targeted a site in the village of Al-Sha’ab in the eastern countryside of As-Suwayda at the Syrian-Jordanian border, home of the most prominent drug dealer, Marai Ruwaishid Al-Ramathan, nicknamed Abu Hamza, considered the most notorious drug dealer and smuggler in southern Syria and the main Hezbollah agent of responsible for smuggling drugs into Jordan, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Monday morning.

Jordanian attack on As-Suwayda drug dealer. / Google Maps

There is no confirmed information yet about Al-Ramathan’s fate, and the fate of his family, including his wife and 6 of their children, who were inside the house during the attack. But preliminary information indicates that all of them were killed by the bombing, and if the information is correct, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights condemns the killing of women and children under any pretext.


On December 18, 2022, Jordan News reported that Ramathan was arrested by Abu Shuaib Muhammad Ghalia, the deputy head of the Syrian regime’s Military Security Detachment in the city of Salkhad, south of As-Suwayda, who was considered one of Ramathan’s closest associates for a long time. He was handed over to the Military Security Department of the Syrian government in Damascus. Handing over Ramathan was part of a deal that had been struck by Ghalia to clear him of charges of illegal drug dealing.

Five days later, Hezbollah freed their man from Damascus jail in return for a huge financial ransom. This was because, according to SOHR, a Hezbollah official named Ahmed Al-Haj pledged to Al-Ramathan’s family to set him free, no matter the cost.

Someone in Amman has obviously had enough, either of the drug smuggling or the fact that they didn’t get their share of the ransom.

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