Photo Credit: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
9th attack on Syria since 2023.

Syrian state television reported that the Israeli Air Force attacked Saturday night near the city of Homs, in the center of the country. According to the Syrian army, five military personnel were wounded in the attack, which was carried out from northeast of Beirut, Lebanon, against positions in the area of Homs and its suburbs. The Syrian army also said that its anti-aircraft system was activated and intercepted some of the missiles and that damage was caused.

This is the third attack attributed to Israel in Syria in four days, and the ninth since the beginning of 2023.


The Syrian army initially threatened that “these attacks will not pass peacefully and the Syrian army will not be responsible for its reaction. The army also stated: “The repeated Israeli attacks indicate the weakness and inability of the Israeli army to confront us on the ground.” However, a short time later, the threat to Israel was deleted from official Syrian media and the Telegram page of the Syrian Ministry of Defense.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Saturday night cited reliable sources who confirmed the death of five officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, including a senior commander, in the Israeli airstrikes in the early hours of Thursday morning near the capital, Damascus. The IRGC had acknowledged that a top officer affiliated with the formation was killed in the attack.

The pro-Iranian Sabereen News reported Saturday night that a second Iranian adviser by the name of Makdad Mahakhani was killed in an attack attributed to Israel on the night between Thursday and Friday, in addition to the first adviser who was killed, Milad Haidri.


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