Photo Credit: Syrian Civil Defense Organization (The White Helmets) / Twitter
Napalm attack on a shelter in Arbin, March 23 2018

A shelter in the Eastern Ghouta city of Arbin was targeted Friday by Syrian regime forces in another chemical weapons attack, according to the Syrian Civil Defense organization known as The White Helmets.

“A horrific massacre 73 civilians burned to death by Napalm weapons attack” the organization tweeted Friday, adding, “Most of the victims were women and children.”


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russia have both denied using chemical warfare despite the clear proof on the ground. Residents of Eastern Ghouta and those who have cared for the victims have described the victims of the chlorine gas, napalm, barrel bombs and other chemical weapons dropped from helicopters into their areas.

But on Friday, as the fires were burning, the Syrian army advanced into towns from which the rebel forces had retreated. Beginning Saturday, some 7,000 rebel fighters and their families plus other civilians who don’t want to live under the rule of Assad, were to evacuate from Zamalka, Arbin, Ein Terma and Jobar, and move to Idlib.

Teenage correspondent Muhammad Najem tweeted Friday that he and his family was to be evacuated from their town as well.

Syrian teenage journalist Muhammad Najem, March 24 2018

“After Russian warplanes destroyed my city, we had nothing left here, our house was destroyed, and my father was killed by the bombing of warplanes Now we will lose my country, we will migrate like the rest of Syria. Goodbye my friends, #Eastern_Ghouta #Syria 2018″ he wrote.

On Saturday – apparently just before leaving – Najem posted a video (see above) about visiting his father’s grave a final time, and bidding goodbye to the place where he grew up.

“Lost everything my dad My friends My school I have buried beautiful memories Here I packed luggage to go out to Idlib Our wound will not heal,” he wrote, his unusually broken English standing testament to the torment he was feeling.

A subsequent tweet said the rest:
“I deposited remnants of my devastating (sic) country, In spite of the destroyed is still a beautiful, I am going to visit the tomb of my father at last time, Hoping return here.”

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