Photo Credit: US MDA / Lockheed Martin / YouTube screen capture
Patriot Advanced Capability-3 anti-missile defense interceptor unit launched during THAAD testing on Oct. 24 2012 by US Missile Defense Agency

Around noon on Sunday, a Patriot missile intercepted a hostile infiltrating aircraft from Syria which was flying over Israel’s Galilee cities. Local residents reported a loud explosion.

The missile was launched by the air defense system of the Israel Air Force, after its sophisticated radar systems had identified a suspicious penetration by an unknown aircraft.


The IDF Spokesman stated: “A short time ago a missile was launched from a Patriot battery towards an unmanned aerial vehicle approaching from Syria towards Israeli territory. As a result, the craft moved away from the border. No hit was registered.”

“The air defense systems, as well as the detection systems, identified the threat in advance of when they crossed into the country. The IDF will not allow violation of the air sovereignty of the State of Israel and will act against any attempt to harm its citizens.”

The municipality of Tsfat informed the residents of the city: “The reason for the noise that was heard throughout the city was the proper shooting by our forces at a target in the area of ​​Syria. The city of Tsfat maintains its normal routine.”