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Israel attacked Hezbollah facility in Syria.

The Saudi Al-Arabiya channel reported Thursday that on the night between Sunday and Monday this week, Israel allegedly attacked Hezbollah’s Unit 127 in an airport in the suburbs of Homs, Syria. According to the report, this unit is responsible for the research, development, and production of attack drones.

The Syrian news agency SANA reported overnight Tuesday that “our air defense responded to an Israeli missile attack that targeted points in the vicinity of Damascus, and shot down a number of enemy missiles.”


Al-Arabiya reported earlier this week that the raids focused on the Sayyidah Zeinab area, south of Damascus, where factions loyal to Tehran and the Lebanese Hezbollah are active. The raids followed the arrival of an Iranian cargo plane at Damascus airport.

The Saudi channel also reported that on the night between Monday and Tuesday, a high-rise building used as an Iranian command and control headquarters in Damascus was attacked.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Tuesday morning that the Israeli attacks targeted a Hezbollah warehouse on a farm located between Al-Saida Zainab and Al-Bajdaliyah. It said the warehouse contained weapons and logistical materials, which were destroyed, amid reports of more casualties there.


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