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Iranian cargo plane's path from Tehran to Damascus, May 21, 2018

Sky News Arabic reported from Abu Dhabi Monday morning citing activists in Syria who said that powerful explosions rocked an Iranian operations center at the headquarters of the Department of Electronic War, south of the capital Damascus.

According to the testimony of local residents, explosions were heard in the Damascus countryside near Damascus International Airport.


The Sky News sources said the explosions were believed to have been caused by explosions in electronic warfare barracks and the State Security School in Najah, which is home to Iranian militias south of Damascus.

A few hours earlier, the Bosphorous Observer reported that a large Syrian cargo plane left Tehran for Damascus. The plane, an Ilyushin IL-76T, is owned by the Syrian Arab Airlines, and is mostly used to transport military cargo from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Syria.

Speculation is that the cargo was destroyed only a few hours after the plane had taken off back to Iran. And as usual, the question remains: why don’t they take down the plane, too?


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