Photo Credit: Ariel Hermoni / Defense Ministry
Defense Minister Naftali Bennett with IAF officers, December 3, 2019

SANA, the Syrian regime’s official news agency, reported early Monday that Syrian army air defenses “repelled an Israeli missile aggression from over Lebanese airspace, towards Syrian territory, downing most of the missiles.”


“A military source said in a statement to SANA that at 4:55 AM, Israeli warplanes, from over southern Lebanon, fired a number of missiles towards Syrian territory. The air defenses immediately responded to the hostile missiles and shot down most of them, the source added. The missiles which reached, according to the source, caused some material damages, but no human casualties.”

The Lebanese Al Mayadeen channel reported that “the Israeli military aircraft were flying at low altitudes in the south of the country (Lebanon).”

Syrian sources, including the Observatory for Human Rights, have reported two Israeli air attacks on Iranian facilities in the Tadmor area near Homs and along the Lebanon-Syria border over the past two weeks.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday, during a press conference that dealt with the coronavirus, hinted at resuming Israeli strikes in Syria. Bennett said: “Be alert to things and you will see or hear. Not only do we continue to block Iranian consolidation in Syria, we have moved unequivocally from blocking to pushing them out.”

Bennett also said Sunday night: “Iran does not rest for a moment. But neither do we. I don’t think Iran has the upper hand. We are determined, we are more determined, and I’ll tell you why – for Iran, Syria is an adventure 1,000 kilometers from home. For us it’s our life. We are much more determined. Iranian soldiers who come to Syrian soil and work there – their blood in their own heads. They risk their lives, pay with their lives and will go on more intensely. We will not give up nor allow the establishment of a frontal Iranian base in Syria.”


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