Photo Credit: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
The Damascus sky lit by explosions, August 13, 2023.

Violent explosions were heard at dawn Sunday in Syria’s capital Damascus and its environs, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. It turned out those explosions took place in missile depots belonging to Iranian-affiliated militias in a mountainous area west of Damascus.

It is not yet known whether the explosions were caused by an Israeli strike with a surface-to-surface missile, or an explosion on the ground. There were material losses, but no information has been received about human losses so far.


Syrian state television reported Sunday around 4:30 AM about the explosions that were heard in the Damascus area. An investigation is underway into the circumstances of the explosion. Following the Syrian reports, the Russian state news agency Sputnik reported that the air defense systems of the Assad army were activated Sunday morning against hostile targets in the Damascus area.

SOHR noted that on August 7, Israel targeted warehouses and military sites belonging to the Iranian militias north of Damascus, which led to the death of 6 people: 4 members of the regime forces and 2 unidentified persons, as well as at least 7 others who were injured. The bombing destroyed weapons and ammunition depots in the targeted locations.

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