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Iron Dome Intercepts Syrian Missile Over Hermon Mountain.

The IDF Spokesman confirmed on Sunday afternoon that the Iron Dome system had intercepted a missile fired from Syria towards the northern Golan Heights.


The official Syrian news agency SANA reported earlier on Sunday cited a military source that reported the Syrian air defenses had confronted an Israeli aerial attack targeted at the country’s southern region and “prevented it from achieving any of its objectives.”

According to Arab media reports, including in Syria, it was in all likelihood a response to an attack against Hezbollah positions.

Residents in Israel’s north reported missiles fired at the Hermon ski slopes. But security officials instructed the ski resort management to maintain its routine, with thousands of skiers packing the facility.

On Sunday morning, three Syrians were killed in a car bomb explosion at the entrance to an army camp in southern Damascus.

A week and a half ago, Israel attacked Iranian munitions warehouses in the heart of Damascus. Satellite images revealed by the Intelli Times security blog showed a Boeing 747 Iranian cargo plane unloading equipment at the largest Syrian airport just hours before the attack, and returning to Iran via Iraqi airspace.

The satellite photos also revealed that at least one Iranian airforce Hercules military transport aircraft was hit in the attack.


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