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Daniel Perez

Released for Publication: Captain Daniel Perez, 22, from Yad Binyamin, has been declared dead after falling in combat on October 7th. Perez served as a tank commander in the 77th Battalion. His body was taken and is currently being held by Hamas.

Perez was born in South Africa and make Aliyah with his family at age 13. He is the son of Rabbi Doron Perez, the executive chairman of the World Mizrachi Movement.


The following letter was sent out to Mizrachi members:

Dear Mizrachi Family,

It is with immense pain and deep sadness that I share with you that the Perez family were informed this evening that Captain Daniel Perez, 22 years old, has been declared as a fallen soldier, captured by a terror organization. A funeral is being planned for tomorrow, to be followed by Shiva.

Over the past 163 days we have desperately davened for better news. Throughout that time, the Perez family has inspired us and strengthened us as we have sought to strengthen them. The global tefillot for his wellbeing will now become global wishes of comfort.

This news came to the family on 7 Adar, the yahrzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu whose burial place is unknown, and has such become a date associated with mourning for all those whose burial places are unknown. As we have prayed and hoped for Daniel’s return until now, we continue to pray and hope for his return to a Kever Yisrael.

May Hashem comfort Rav Doron, Shelley and the entire family amongst all mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim, and may we see every single hostage return home.

Rabbi Danny Mirvis
Acting CEO


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