Photo Credit: The Temple Institute
A crazed Muslim woman, upset that a Jew might drink from a public water fountain on the Temple Mount, guards it with her life.

On today’s hot, Tuesday afternoon, a 21-year-old Jewish man visiting the Temple Mount requested from a police officer to let him go over to a public water fountain and take a drink, according to the Tazpit News Agency.

Generally when Jewish visitors go to drink from the public water fountains on the Temple Mount, the Muslim women on the Jewish holy site harass and attack the Jews, cursing them with “Allahu Achbar”.


The policeman, apparently fearing the typical Muslim reaction to a Jew drinking from a public water fountain said no, and instead gave the man his water bottle to drink from.

The religious young man, said the required “Shehakol” blessing one makes before drinking water and took a sip.

At that point the other policemen promptly arrested the man for praying on the Temple Mount.

A Honenu lawyer is currently working to get the man released.

The Honenu organization released the following statement. “The saga on the Temple Mount continues. Almost every day Jewish visitors are detained and arrested on bizarre suspicions that cross new red lines. To arrest a Jew because he made blessing on the water [he was about to drink] is a scandal, and if this was going on outside of Israel, one could easily argue that this was anti-Semitism.”

UPDATE: The man was released by police around 6 PM in the evening.

Here are two videos of the Muslims harassing Jews trying to drink from the public water fountains on the Temple Mount:


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  1. “And His feet shall stand in that day upon the mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west, and there shall be a very great valley; and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north, and half of it toward the south.” Zechariah 14:4

  2. I am so sick of seeing this and hearing all the shrill screaming of the Muslim women..they are demonic..why don't they get arrested..I know, I know the answer but it still bothers me EVERY single time I see this horrific injustice..God will punish these people….not soon enough..

  3. Where are the Jewish leaders who will take hundreds of Jews up to the Halachically areas of the Temple Mount and make (even) a simple bracha, daily, until this nonsense stops.
    Israel needs to stop mollifying the enemies of Jews and Israel.
    Thw world chastises us (Jews) no matter WHAT we do, so we might just as well do the right thing (G-d's bidding).

  4. it's rabies season on the mount with out of control arab women
    acting insane and what is worse, Israeli police tolerating their abuse to Jews. Stand tall against this rampant discrimination and start employing some strategies that show Jews have spine and courage and rights equal to the arab rights on the mount. Every second we tolerate their abuse destroys the sanctity and empowers the arabs to fight us further.

    stop the nonsense now!

  5. The yells of these insane female furies is simply unbearable. Their aggression equals their fear of… what, in fact? No idea! Who are they to disrespect other people that way? Islam is driving more and more insane. Their chant "Alibaba" sounds more like a curse than anything else. All my admiration for the self contenance displayed. Who would not try to eliminate the source of such insupportable noise?

  6. Israel has earned the title of Banana Republic. What this is all about? Have the lead of Israel gone mad? Do they know the significance of the real estate of the temple mound?. Doubt it as they are utterly IGNORAMUS. Shame hundred times. No, a million times.

  7. What should Iran´s bombs rain on Israel without the Jews having ever been authorized to freely pray on the Temple Mount? Is that not time to oblige these evil people to quit this place, to quit Israel for good? The sympathy of the world towards Israel is not growing… quite on the contrary. The EU, Iran, the US, UK are just working at defeating and destroying Isreal wherever and whenever they only can. Why then try to please them, comfort them in their insanity and malevolence? Why not change the game, give them a real opportunity to get upset, because of Israel not willing anymore to show humility and resignation, to cave in their shameful and destructive demands, but Israel showing strength and determination? What, should bombs rain on Israel before the Jews having been allowed to freely pray on the Temple Mount?
    Just reflect on this!

  8. Is that part of the Muslim ladies way of life to go all covered up from head to foot and yet confront a man in their faces and screaming like bansheep. The cover is so that they can't be seen by men. So how can they get in strange mens facts screeming uncontrolably in their witches voices? Either they are supposedly religous or not. To yell and scream and fight is some kind of religion and be disrespectful is some kind of religion. close the water fountains to ALL visiting the Mount. It's not their anyway. It's through Israel's weak leaders that they have so much dominance on the Temple Mount.

  9. That ugly dirty arab femsle pig is nothing more than a dirty farm animal. If I were attacked by that female pile of camel I would have beaten her to a pulp. Why do Jews allow themselves to be attacked by these mud race arabs. They should fight back and kill these filthy arabs. As far as I'm concerned the only good arab is a dead arab!

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