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Givati fighter and his wife from Itamar confront MPs and their search warrant.

The vehicle of a Givat fighter was stolen from a staging area outside the Gaza Strip after the troops had left for the war. The soldier’s car was later located in Eilat in the possession of a thief, who was arrested and has already been released. The police found drugs and alcohol inside the car, which the thief said did not belong to him.

Wait a minute… wait a minute… go:


Relying on the car thief’s statement that the drugs did not belong to him, a Military Police team showed up at the fighter’s home in Itamar, Samaria, and executed a major search for the rest of his stash.

When the fighter’s wife posed the logical question to the army cops, namely, wouldn’t it make better sense that the drugs belong to the thief, rather than to believe that the thief had been driving the stolen car to Eilat and roaming about while respecting the owner’s right to his drugs, so as not to transgress the mitzvah against Gezel (thievery), the cops showed her the search warrant.

Can’t argue with a search warrant.

The IDF spokesperson issued a statement saying: “The police received a report regarding the theft of a vehicle belonging to the soldier’s father. Following the report, a military police investigation was launched.

“The soldier was arrested on Tuesday, February 6, 2024, on suspicion of exiting with a weapon [from the front] and using and possessing drugs. He was remanded by the court until Monday, February 12, 2024.

“The investigation is conducted in accordance with the information available to the investigating authorities and in accordance with the law and without bias; any attempt to imply otherwise is fundamentally invalid.

“The IDF condemns verbal and physical violence toward its soldiers.”

That last part was in response to the family telling the MPs to go [expletive] themselves.


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