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7-Eleven in San Diego, California

(JNS) 65-year-old Rabbi Aharon Shapiro was attacked in “broad daylight” on July 24 at a 7-Eleven just blocks away from the Chabad center at San Diego State University.

Lt. Adam Sharki, public information officer at the San Diego Police Department, told JNS that the SDPD is actively investigating the “disturbing incident” as a hate crime.


“SDPD stands united with our community against bigotry and aggressively investigates these types of incidents,” he told JNS.

Sharki said the man was assaulted at about 9:50 a.m. at the convenience store at 5100 College Ave. in San Diego.

“This crime is being investigated by Eastern Division detectives. They are in the process of interviewing witnesses, looking for evidence, and analyzing video footage,” Sharki said. “Anyone with information is asked to contact SDPD or Crime Stoppers.”

The assailant began to follow Rabbi Shapiro into the 7-Eleven, asking him if he was Jewish, to which the rabbi, with a long white beard and Tzitzit out, responded affirmatively. The man then went on a cursing tirade against Jews and Israel. To which the rabbi responded that the man should learn his bible.

As the rabbi went to pay for his purchases, the man physically attacked him, ripping his Tzitzit and throwing them to the floor, and then ran out of the door. The 65-year-old rabbi began chasing the man who was still cursing the rabbi. The rabbi told the assailant he was going to burn in hell and that he should learn what an adjective is, according to a report in the Times of San Diego.

The feisty rabbi works for the Orthodox Union as a Mashgiach.

The nearby Chabad center where the victim attends was the site of previous attacks, including the vandalism of a large menorah in March. News Desk contributed to this report.

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