Photo Credit: Naftali Bennett on Twitter
Female Border Guard injured by Yitzhar settlers.

“What a disgrace,” Habayit Hayehudi chairman Naftalli Bennett tweeted late Wednesday night. “Extremists injured a border policewoman. One of our fighter, of the State of Israel. Those who act this violently want to destroy our country. Just the way it happened 2,000 years ago. I call on the police to act with the full force of the law against this violence.”

The female Border Police officer was injured Wednesday afternoon from stones thrown at her by settlers in the Yitzhar area and was evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva for medical treatment.


The police reported that a joint force of the Border Police and the Civil Administration was conducting an area patrol in the Yitzhar area, when suddenly a number of rioters, some of them masked, began hurling rocks at the force, causing the injury of the female combatant and also injuring an inspector of the Civil Administration, who responded by firing in the air.

Border Guard police were deployed and used the necessary means to disperse the rioters, leading to the arrest of three suspects for throwing stones and attacking policemen. The suspects, two Yitzhar residents in their 30s and 20s, and another suspect, who was not identified at this stage, were arrested for questioning.

The Border Police issued a statement saying: “This is a serious incident in which lawbreakers caused the injury of Border Police officers in an area where police should not feel exposed to danger. The officers acted swiftly and brought about the arrest of three suspects. The Border Police will continue to act with zero tolerance against anyone who attacks combatants and members of the security forces, without any religious or ethnic difference.”

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