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APN's Facts on the Ground 2.0

Americans for Peace Now’s new, one-of-a-kind settlements map app will be officially launched on November 1st, according to an email we received today from APN, which explained that “Facts on the Ground is the only interactive map that gives anyone with an iPhone or Android phone instant to access comprehensive, up-to-date information, statistics, and analysis on Israeli settlements in the West Bank.”



The app’s crowd sourcing page explains that “by supporting Facts on the Ground 2.0, you will give international organizations, NGOs, policymakers, media outlets […] the ability to easily access a vast trove of information about settlements.”

Armed with this marvel of modern technology, says the snitch app fundraising page, these anti-Zionist groups can “inspire grassroots action, influence decision-making by governments and international bodies, and inform news reports, studies, projects, and presentations – all of which are critical to APN’s ‘pro-Israel, pro-peace’ mission of stopping settlement expansion and preserving the viability of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

So much love.

For a donation of $25 you can become an APN Data Collector; for $50 a Documenter; for $100 an App Builder; and for a measly $500 you’ll become an APN Educator.

As of Sunday evening in Israel, the Snitch has picked up $8,165 in donations, out of an end goal of $20,000.

At which point we would be remiss if we didn’t recite the 19th blessing of the Amidah prayer, the Birkat haMinim, composed by Shmuel ha-Katan (Berakhot 28b–29a):

“And the snitches shall not have hope, and all the apostates shall disappear instantly, and all the enemies of Your nation be cut off speedily, and the wicked ones You will quickly uproot and destroy, and defile and demolish, and humiliate in short order in our time, Blessed Are You, God, breaker of enemies and victor over the wicked.”


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