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Jerusalem Arabs' version of reciting Psalms at a funeral of a terrorist.

According to a poll conducted by the Arab World for Research and Development institute (AWRAD), the majority of Palestinians currently oppose a third intifada. According to AWRAD, this may be reflective of the security and economic conditions cited in its report, but also the fact that a majority of Arabs in Judea and Samaria believes a new Intifada would impede statehood; a reversal of sentiments expressed in AWRAD’s October 2015 poll, conducted in the early days of the current crisis, when a majority expressed support for a new uprising. A strong majority of respondents currently opposes the dissolution of the PA and the return of a full Israeli occupation.

AWRAD, a research, consulting and development firm based in Ramallah, on Saturday issued a “Public Opinion Poll in the West Bank and Gaza Strip” for January 2016 which may offer the first glimmer of hope for an end to the current wave of terror. Fieldwork for the poll was conducted from 27 to 28 January 2016, with a total of 1,200 Judea and Samaria Arabs interviewed.


Here’s an unexpected twist: overall, four-fifths of respondents support immediate legislative and presidential elections, and—surprise, surprise—in a hypothetical presidential election, the PLO’s Mahmoud Abbas would defeat Hamas’s Ismail Haniyeh, with a greater support for Abbas’s candidacy in Gaza! Also, in terms of legislative elections, Fatah (PLO) is the most popular political party, receiving more than double the support of Hamas.

According to AWARD, Violence since October 2015 has negatively impacted the lives of the average Judea and Samaria Arabs. Majorities of respondents (especially in the West Bank) report that the security in their region has diminished, along with economic conditions. Palestinians report deteriorating economic circumstances, shrinking opportunities for investment and loss of income or jobs as a result of the current security situation. The strain of the present circumstances is reflected in views towards the future. A majority of the Arabs polled believe “Palestine” is currently heading in the wrong direction. However, despite this apprehension, roughly half of them are optimistic about the future.


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  1. If only 1% are waging war it is war! Polls are worthless for this. The Nazis were not a majority in Germany. People are so used to looking at polls they stop using their brains. These Arab terrorists are killing or trying to kill Jews and did not take a vote before doing so.

    So Israel is in a war and needs to go on offense and stop playing defense. Too much defense. again. Stop being proportional and consulting the lawyers in fighting the terrorists. Kill them, jail them and deport them and their families.

  2. So why do they continue to teach violence and slaughter of Jews & Christians in every generation of children? As long as the Quarn advocates killing in the name of Allah, it will never stop. I'm glad some Arab adults in that region recognize they are losing economic growth and security. STOP teaching children to kill Jews & Christians or… keep sending them to Israeli jails and demolish their homes!
    It's going on for centuries. Maybe I'm a pessimist. I believe it will never stop until they defeat Israel & drive the Jews into the sea. Our elders paid a very dear price, over six million. Please remember, "NEVER AGAIN". Do what ever is necessary.

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