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(Archive 2009) A tunnel digger in Gaza.

Two Hamas terrorists were killed in a tunnel collapse in the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday night, one week after seven other terrorists were killed in a tunnel collapse in northern Gaza. In a statement, Hamas’ military wing Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades identified the fighters as 35-year-old Fouad Ashor al-Etewi and 23-year-old Ahmad Haidar al-Zahhar from al-Nusirat refugee camp, Ma’an reported. The statement added that the tunnel “belonged to the resistance,” but did not offer any other details.

The rain and the massive flooding of the tunnel network by the Egyptian army has led to a vast chain reaction of collapsing tunnels, NRG reported Wednesday. On Tuesday last week, seven Hamas terrorists were killed when a tunnel they were rebuilding in the northern Gaza Strip reportedly collapsed due to heavy rain.


According to Reuters, Egypt has been pumping salt water from the nearby Mediterranean into the tunnels for more than a year, creating a huge mess as the water rises to the surface. Hamas officials are saying the flooding contaminates water supplies, destroys farmland and spreads disease.

The Institute for Palestine Studies reported in 2012 that Hamas authorities had counted 160 deaths inside the tunnels since the Israeli blockade began in 2007, and in August 2014, al-Jazeera reported as many as 400 deaths, but both those figures appear to be seriously outdated. The Palestine Studies report accused Hamas of a “cavalier approach to child labor and tunnel fatalities,” as “nothing was done to impede the use of children in the tunnels, where, much as in Victorian coal mines, they are prized for their nimble bodies.”

Hamas claims to have rebuilt many of the tunnels that were destroyed during the 2014 war with Israel. Last week, Israel threatened to seal the crossings between Israel and the Gaza Strip due to revelations that Hamas was using for tunnel construction the incoming cement that was intended for rebuilding the strip.

On Friday, Hamas deputy chief Ismail Haniyeh confirmed the continued rebuilding of the underground tunnels leading from Gaza to Israel in preparation for the next war. “There are those who think that the calm is a time of rest,” Haniyeh said, “but this is a continuation of the struggle. Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades are working and preparing for Palestine. Fighters are digging twice as much as the number of tunnels dug in Vietnam.”

He declared: “In east Gaza there are heroes digging tunnels under the ground and in the west there are those testing rockets. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades are digging tunnels to defend Gaza and turn it into a launch pad for all of Palestine.”


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  1. Zam Kadir, you’re just another filthy terrorist supporting ass. You know and we all know that Egypt did destroy your brethren’s tunnels. We also know that some tunnels have collapsed in Gaza killing terrorist busy constructing them. Pictures have been published and even Hamas has admitted this. Take your ty little lies and shove them up your ass.

  2. The tunnels, Zam, that have been illegally constructed with “aid money” stupidly provided by gullible westerners, used to import armaments to be fired at random into the civilian population of Israel. THOSE tunnels.

    And don’t pretend you don’t know about them.

  3. Kadir is a village idiot but not idiot enough because he lives in Texas. He’s a true unbeliever. Hamas scum is burying its own waste, pictures are all over, Hamas admits that, and the imbecile Kadir needs evidence. Let’s hope he gets evidence on a daily basis.

  4. "Things will continue to be hard in the world, floods, storms, winds, earthquakes, rain, and snow. Heat and fire in one country, cold and snow in another, justice and mercy working together throughout the world, and in the holy land of Israel – blessed rain on the holy land. In Gaza and around Israel – cursed rain! All of the tunnels toward Israel – 40 tunnels, will be filled with water and the digging will be delayed by 6 to 8 months." – R' Nir ben Artzi Delivered on Sunday 14 Chvat (24/1/16)

  5. Egypt is defending its border, why should the UN condemn any country for that? I hope Israel would defend its border the same way. If Hamas wants to stop the blockade then maybe they should stop sending their terrorist to Egypt and their rockets to Israel.
    Each country has a right to defend her people from these murdering terrorists.

  6. Since the 2014 Gaza war, that foolish nation called Israel allowed the resupply of millions of tons of cement into Gaza from primarily Ramallah based cement factories. Some fool obviously thought that this time this material would not go into tunnel construction. Will Israel never learn? People in the north and the Israel/Gaza border region have been complaining for ages that they can hear tunnelling activity going on late at night and into the early hours of the morning, yet Netanyahu and Ya’alon do nothing. Oh yes, Netanyahu threatens to take stronger action than in operation “Protective Edge” if terrorists come out of tunnels and kill Israelis. That is sure to make Hamas terrorists tremble in their boots since “Protective Edge” ended as usual prematurely and inconclusively and not with anything remotely resembling of a military victory. Either way, Netanyahu by his weak and useless stand on virtually every issue, sends a clear message to Israel’s enemies that under him Israel will forever be reactive and never proactive. Maybe he and Ya’alon should pay close attention to what el-Sisi does in connection to any Hamas tunnel construction found anywhere near the Egypt/Gaza border.

    By any standard of leadership Netanyahu is a failure.
    A man who will simply not act but talks endlessly of what he will do.

    He has totally relinquished the Jewish heritage that is the Temple Mount.
    Israeli police now do the work of the Muslim WAQF in ensuring this site remains totally “Judenfrei”.
    Arab construction around Hebron is massive and represents a stranglehold.
    Other illegal Arab construction continues with no consequences, representing nothing less than a massive loss of sovereignty.

    Netanyahu will not confront murderous terrorists in the streets in the only way they understand. On the contrary, he recently appealed to the international community to urge Abbas (the PA leader) to cease his incitement to terror. The international community does not care less about murdered Jews and it should be Israel’s job crush the PA and bring it to its knees. But no, Netanyahu keep on with his mantra that he is prepared to meet with that chief architect of terror Abbas without pre-conditions to resume “peace talks” and then goes on babbling on about a “two state solution” that everyone knows is dead and buried. I could go on but what’s the point.
    Suffice to say that under Netanyahu’s leadership, Israel is headed for chaos.
    The country is in desperate need of leadership, but there appears to be none anywhere. Israel today can only be likened to a ship adrift on the high seas without a rudder.

  7. Israel, that precious little nation seems to be driving the world crazy. Jews defending themselves and their nation, how is that possible? Good for you Israel! Keep on rocking that boat! Show all of your enemies that you mean business. Keep twisting all of their panties until they scream, no more. The UN, the EU and the rest of those mental midgets deserve everything they get, and what they will get will not be good.

  8. Israel, that precious little nation seems to be driving the world crazy. Jews defending themselves and their nation, how is that possible? Good for you Israel! Keep on rocking that boat! Show all of your enemies that you mean business. Keep twisting all of their panties until they scream, no more. The UN, the EU and the rest of those mental midgets deserve everything they get, and what they will get will not be good.

  9. Not precisely. The prostitute is up front about what she is selling and to whom.

    The politician is more like a prostitute with a husband who either doesn't see or ignores her career. We, the voters, are that husband. And we will catch something from our "wife".

  10. the palestinians were given $5bn from world-wide suckers to rebuild – they chose to use that money for tunnel-building over homes – it was not the decision of Netanyahu to give them the funds. – Netanyahu has still got some dry gun-powder in his breeches which, when the time is right, will see it hits the enemy's bullseye…

  11. Gil, the cowardly paralysis that descended upon the present "leadership" cannot be explained except the Commencement of "Acharit ha Yamim" – the End of Days scenarios, so precisely predicted by our great prophets of the Old Testament, millenia ago…!

  12. While waiting for comprehensive solution I kind of love what Egyptians doing by pumping salt-water into those cockroach's nests. Two goals been achieved: 1. Collapsing of cockroach nests, and 2. contaminating their soil. But I still waiting for the mass-destruction of their infrastructure using new technologies that now is available.

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