Photo Credit: Rotter
Electric grid sabotage - see the metal wire attached to the stone on the power lines.

Following a deliberate sabotage of an electrical power line, there have been disruptions in the power supply to a number of towns in Gush Etzion, a cluster of Jewish settlements in the Judaean Mountains, directly south of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, a Rotter citizen reporter said. Power disruptions hit the communities of Tekoa, Nokdim, Kfar Eldad, and Sdeh Bar.

Sources at the Gush Etzion Regional Council have said the power failure overnight and Friday morning in the area was the result of sabotage of the electric line. Using a stone for weight, someone threw a metal fence wire onto the power line in one of the Arab villages in the Gush, causing the line to fail.


Currently, the Nokdim area is receiving power from the Arab owned East Jerusalem Electric Company. IEC teams, protected by security forces, are preparing to enter the village to make the necessary repairs.


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  1. I can't believe anyone is actually idiotic enough to believe this article!!
    There is no rock in the photo. Also, no thrown rock could have severed that wire!!
    Furthermore, even if someone had the super-human strength to throw a rock that high, the energy of its velocity would have practically diminished to near zero at that apogee.

    And finally, the wire that was cut (yes cut, not a rock!!) is not the current carrying powerline. The actual electricity passes through the 3 high voltage wires at the very top.
    If in fact power was cut off it was most probably at a circuit breaker that popped along the way or by someone that pulled the circuit breaker which can be done with an insulated wooden pole witha hook at the end. Severing that wire did not do it.

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