Photo Credit: Haifa Lights
Haifa Lights promo

Israel’s Tourism Ministry and the Haifa Municipality, in cooperation with Haifa Port, has just launched Haifa Lights, a month-long international light design competition, outlined in a dedicated website.

The competition, which is open to applicants from around the world working in the field of light, laser and advanced systems, will result in the selection of a team that will plan, design and establish an inspirational light art project at the Port of Haifa that will boost tourism to the city and the region. The NIS 20 million ($6 million) project will be financed equally by the Tourism Ministry and the Haifa Municipality.


The Haifa Lights project will be a new and free permanent attraction, comparable to similar light attractions in Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore, combined with other attractions such as water shows and projections in the port.

The project will enhance the appeal of the city of Haifa to visitors, adding to the many attractions the city has to offer. The Tourism Ministry believes that this project has significant tourism potential and will provide a night-time tourist product that will expand the options for leisure and night-time activities for tourists in the area.

The project, which will be managed by the Haifa Economic Corporation and under the control of the Old Acre Development Company, will comprise two light shows. The first light installation, located in the Haifa Port area and Downtown Haifa using colored laser screenings that reaching great heights, will be visible from many parts of town and will illuminate the city sky with colored lights. The show will include a unique soundtrack that will be heard via loudspeakers located at several points around the town and on a dedicated app.

The second show is designed to be a close-up experience to be viewed from the center of the Haifa Port, near Hangar 15. This will be the first phase of the “Urban Sea Front” program designed to open the gates of the Haifa Port to residents, visitors and tourists, offering leisure activities in the area. The 15 minute shows are expected to begin operating from September 2018, on a daily basis at fixed times during the evening.

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin said in a statement: “With the record-breaking incoming tourism figures, I see great importance in the city of Haifa and development of tourism there. The original and innovative “Port of Light” initiative will be a major attraction that will promote Haifa as a leading tourism city in Israel. This will be an exceptional tourist attraction and I wish the best of luck to all those taking part in the competition”.

Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav siad in a statement: “The Port of Light project is one of many we are promoting together with the Tourism Ministry, with the great help of Minister Levin, in order to position Haifa as the tourism metropolis in the north of the country, while exploiting the many existing attractions in the city and the region. Thanks to these efforts, Haifa has become a regional tourist center for visitors from around the world, as can be seen in the tens of hotels planned and under construction in the city, and in the hotel occupancy which is among the highest in the country.”