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Police in Hebron buildings


Large police and IDF forces have begun on Friday morning to evict Jewish dwellers from the two buildings next to the Cave of the Patriarchs which they had entered Thursday.


MKs Ayoob Kara (Likud), Oren Hazan (Likud) and Bezalel Smotrich have informed Prime Minister Netanyahu that the evacuation of the Jews from the two buildings would result in their resignation from the coalition. MK Smotrich tweeted overnight: “If the homes that were purchased by the Hebron settlers are evacuated because the Defense Minister was insulted that they didn’t coordinate the takeover with him, this would be a serious folly which we cannot endorse.”

If the three MKs make good on their threat, it could effectively spell the end of Netanyahu’s 61-member coalition.

The twenty Jewish families who entered their two homes near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron Thursday afternoon spent the night inside their apartments, under an IDF watch that was making sure no one new would enter. The two buildings stood empty over the past 15 years, according to Walla. Officially they are considered Arab property, and there was a loud clash with local Arabs just after the takeover, but the Jewish dwellers say they have the documents showing they purchased the buildings, which should be verified over the next few days.

Newcomer Shulamit Goldenberg told Walla, “We entered quickly, with minimum equipment — mattresses, clothes, bedclothes. Later we will furnish the apartments completely. We’re happy to be inside. These buildings were purchased legally, and just as a Jew is free to purchase anywhere in Israel, we should be here as well.”

As of Friday morning, the future of these families is in the hands of the sole governor of the Jewish parts of Judea and Samaria, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. While most of Israel is a democracy, these areas have been under martial law for 49 years, since June 1967. And so the IDF has been stationed outside the two buildings since Thursday, moments after the takeover had been completed. Because even under martial law, possession is still a good part of the law. Their mission for now is to discourage the entry of potential new dwellers, and to make life a little difficult for the men and women inside. But everyone, soldiers and dwellers, are awaiting the decision of the sole ruler, the Minister of Defense.

Hebron resident Shlomo Levinger says an association named Harkhivi Mekom Ohalekh (Heb: expand the area where your tent is pitched) which is in the business of redeeming homes in the City of the Patriarchs, Hebron, taking a page from Abraham’s play book, purchased one of the buildings four years ago. The association stresses secrecy in acquiring Arab owned properties, since both the sellers and the brokers are risking their lives with the deal. As was made clear to millions of Israel TV viewers this month, left-wing NGO activists are lurking in the Hebron area and elsewhere in Judea and Samaria, seeking to turn over to the Palestinian Authority Arabs who are involved in selling land to Jews.

Palestinian Authority law defines selling land to Jews as a capital offense. Arabs who were caught selling their own land to Jews were arrested, tortured and in a few cases executed. And so the association does not go about making good on a purchase until it is certain that the lives of the seller and the broker are no longer in danger.

Levinger said he was concerned that Ya’alon “will not exhibit the courage and strength to lift Israel’s spirit in entering the Hebron home and will want to evict” the Jews. But he is not discouraged. He explains using a pun on the Biblical verse “Bedamayikh Khayi” (Ezekiel 15:6) which is cited by the Passover Hagadda. The verse means: “You shall live by your bloods,” a reference to the menstrual blood and the circumcision blood — family purity and the covenant with God — which are the source of the Jewish nation’s longevity. But the word “Damim” also means money, and Levinger’s purchase suggests that the same national longevity may also be born by purchasing, at full cost, homes in Hebron and elsewhere in Judea and Samaria.

And so a nation turns its eyes to Moshe Ya’alon, who gained several character points back in 2005, when a wary Prime Minister Ariel Sharon refused to renew his term as IDF chief of staff because he didn’t trust him to carry out the eviction of Jews from the Gaza Strip. Will he or will he not choose to evict these Jews from their Hebron homes?


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  1. the arabs are laughing at those who ordered their removal from buildings legally bought by the Jews within the Jewish State of Israel making those giving the order pawns for the arabs. I suggest and demand while this is rescinded those decision makers be evicted from their own homes and have these brave Jews to live there for free until this matter is corrected as fair is fair. If it was their purchase or family members, they would never have ordered their removal since give them as a Shabbat meal a taste of their own medicine.

  2. The key work is "LEGAL". These buildings were purchased several years ago legally. They did their due diligence in making sure it was legal AND that the Arab Sellers were not prosecuted in the Arab legal system. These purchases were legal & should be honored… no, I'mnot an attorney, just my opinion.

  3. Hevron homes evicted. Security forces evacuate 200 Jews who took up residence of 2 new buildings despite their full purchase from Arab.

    Quote: The Lubavitcher Rebbe: "You [Arabs] murdered [the Jewish inhabitants of Hebron] them and thereby [these Arabs] inherit them?! Is this [what the government of Israel] calls the status quo?!”

    I [the Lubavitcher Rebbe] sent a representative to the Government of Israel to ask them:

    “How is it possible that you are actually giving Hebron to the Arabs?”

    They replied to me: that “This is not the case, that there are 240 families that were permitted to live there”.

    I asked again: “But even to these 240 families were given a permit only to live outside of the borders of Hebron not in Hebron”.

    They answered me: “What do you mean? The location they were permitted to settle is only 10 minutes from the Cave of Machpela.”

    I asked them: “What do you mean only 10 minutes? A distance of just one minute can be across of the borders of Eretz Israel! Even such a short journey is outside of Hebron!” I do not know how they can enact a law that forbids Jewish People from living in Hebron. How can a Jewish government ratify giving Hebron to the Arabs?!

    Moreover: The Mayor of Hebron (Sheikh Jabari) is an Arab who took part in the pogrom in 1929 against the Jews. We know clearly that either he or his brother or father took part in the pogrom against the Jewish People! There are photographs from that period which prove that he, the Mayor of Hebron was involved with the murders. And the Mayor, not only does he not hide this fact but even prides himself that it was he who evicted the Jews from Hebron. These very same Arabs! Not Arabs from Egypt, but these very Arabs who murdered Jews in 1929 – they are giving Hebron to them!?

    What do the government representatives answer me? “We have here a situation of “status quo”– Hebron has been in the hands of the Arabs already for 30 years.

    ”You [Arabs] murdered [the Jewish inhabitants of Hebron] them and thereby [these Arabs] inherit them?! Is this [what the government of Israel] calls the status quo?!

    Public talk Shabat Parshat Noach, 1971

    talk on

    by Evelyn Hayes,
    Author of the Plague series because their heart were softened to accept the unacceptable
    June 23, 1997

    We sing of the fathers
    Avraham, Yitzkak and Yaakov
    We sing of the mothers
    Sarah, Rivkah, Rachel, Leah
    They are our roots,
    our sanctity
    We sing of our ancestry
    Walking their ways.

    We sing of our ascent
    Hevron to Yerushalayim
    We sing of the Kingdoms
    of David and Solomon
    Their ways are our ways
    Psalms and wisdom
    We sing of shepherds
    and prophets
    Praying their prayers.

    From Hevron to Yerushalayim
    Froom Beersheva and Galileee
    Home of our fathers
    Home of our mothers
    Our past, our future
    We sing of returning
    and continuing on

    We sing of the mitzvahs
    The glory of centuries
    We sing for just simchas
    No more weeping. No crying
    We are the followers
    their progeny
    We sing of our destiny
    Keeping the flame.

    We sing about Hevron
    Beis Lechem, Yerushalayim
    We sing all together
    sisters and brothers
    Their place is our place
    holy abode
    We sing with yearning and learning –
    The Torah our code.

    From Hevron to Yerushalayim
    Eretz Yisrael and diaspora
    We are descendants
    We are ascendants
    Our past, our future
    We sing of returning
    and continuing on.

  5. And It Happened at Midnight
    y Evelyn Hayes,
    Author of the Plague series because their heart were softened to accept the unacceptable
    January 1997

    And it came to pass at midnight that an elected official of Israel abandoned his people, his country, his mandate
    and his brother.
    And it came to pass at midnight that Cain killed his brother, ignored his brother’s plaque in Hebron,
    the plaque to the hero who gave his life
    for Jews everywhere in the world to be free.

    And it happened at midnight that Benjamin Netanyahu
    snuck away from his people in the dark of the night and initiated a pact with the hijacker of the Jewish State of Israel that left Jewish lives in the care of murderers who just committed explosions in Tel Aviv and murder in Jerusalem and are applauded in the Arab universities of hate.
    It happened at midnight that the Prime Minister became a prime misleader and negotiated away the lives of the people of his nation making reciprocity with an un-nation at midnight, rejecting laws of statehood:
    Of not the people – he decided at midnight,
    For not the people – he decided at midnight
    By not the people – he decided at midnight.

    An it happened at midnight, the darkest deed
    on the darkest night
    with a most dangerous unnation who shed the blood of his brother and 300 more brothers murdered by Oslo.
    And it happened at midnight that darkness cast a shadow over Jewish history and Torah:
    Benjamin Netanyahu, ignoring the earthquake of 6.2 just that morning, failing HaShem, proclaiming himself non –religious, rejected his Jewish reality, forsaking his mandate, his promise, his Likud party, his friends, his people, his family and joined with the unrighteous to demolish his people,
    place by place, piece by piece, man by man,
    woman by woman, child by child.
    And it happened at midnight that he did the unthinkable and made his country sinkable…airports, arms,
    terrorists freed – everything that is unacceptable to the free world, he accepted for Jews at midnight.
    It happened at midnight that one lone man misdirected a state not to protect its people, their lives, liberty, legality, legitimacy, legacy, memorials, history, religion,
    one and only G-d of the universe, their homes.
    And it happened at midnight, but the shame is blacker than the night and grows darker every day.
    And it happened at midnight when the shot was heard throughout the world that Benjamin Netanyahu chose death,
    Not Chayei Yonaton, his brother,
    Not Chayei Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov,
    Not Chaye Sarah, Rivka, Leah, Rachel,
    Not the Garden of Eden, not the wisdom of the forthright,
    but at midnight he chose darkness –
    the long, cold Oslo night,
    the destruction of Israel planned long before the intifada against us
    And all he asked was reciprocity and he gave them reciprocity, the legitimization of their rights to terrorize,
    in collaboration with the Peace Now philosophy
    and the New History mission of ridding the world of the old
    and beneficial, with those who met in Romania and collaborated for the Egyptian Arafat to intifada
    A nation who achieved Exodus, accepted Torah, negotiated to be unwritten after miracles of revival.
    It happened at midnight that more arms would be allotted to terrorists to police,
    to be an Arab Palestinian Authority in Jewish Palestine…
    How much blacker do anti-Jews make their night?
    And it happened at midnight that Benjamin Netanyahu fired the shot heard around the Jewish world,
    Hebron would be divided in by divying out Jewish hearts and souls with the negation of the Jewish mandate, people, religion, inheritance, birthplace, history, mission, miracles.
    A misleader compromised Jewish reality at midnight:
    Even after the earth quaked, he ignored HaShem,
    his people and cheated …
    on his country.. his friends,
    as he cheated on his brother and family name.

    And it happened at midnight

    It happened at midnight that there were mezuzahs
    on the doorposts of the Jews of Hebron in their ancient mezuzah slots, and the words of the Shema were rallying Jews in Beit El, Golan, BeerSheva,
    everywhere in Israel and the Diaspora…
    There were prayers by believers and knowledge
    that politics and politicians pass,
    victims of their misdeeds.
    but the good people of Hevron and all Jews from Hevron will be forever because this is their
    ancestor’s burial place as was and forever.

    And it will happen that Hebron will redeem
    with the prayers in the schuss our dear deceased
    the matriarchs and patriarchs buried in Hebron
    because we are their namesakes
    and they are our birthright
    and right
    to continue on.

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