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The Temple Institute has announced a bold new initiative to identify, select and register kohanim-priests who would be eligible to participate in the process of preparing the Red Heifer, which is used in the ritual of purifying Jews from the tuma-impurity of the dead.

This unprecedented move represents the second stage of the Institute’s project to restore the concept of biblical purity into the world, something that will have immense repercussions on Jewish observance as we know it. Even before the Temple is rebuilt, the reinstatement of halakhically approved kohanim is a pre-requisite for preparation of the Red Heifer which will enable the people of Israel to perform numerous Torah-based commandments, such as challah (separating a portion of the dough and giving to the kohanim) and terumah (charity).


The requirements for potential kohanim are extremely complex and this project signifies the completion of decades of study on the subject by the rabbinic leadership and scholars of the Temple Institute. Potential candidates must have been born in the Land of Israel, to a father of kohanic lineage. They must have exercised caution with regard to exposure to the Biblical impurity rendered by a dead person. This includes those who were not born in hospital and who have not visited hospitals or cemeteries.

Those kohanim whose status can be verified will be eligible to join the first to participants in the renewal of numerous Torah commandments, including the preparation of the Red Heifer, once a suitable candidate is found.

Rabbi Chaim Richman, international director of the Temple Institute, commented on this historic move: “This is a huge jump for the Temple Institute and a huge leap for the Jewish people. For the first time in 2,000 years, after miraculously returning to the Land of Israel, we are beginning the process of reinstating the Biblical purity of the Jewish priesthood. This is another bold move for our Institute, having already painstakingly prepared more than 60 sacred vessels for the Third Temple. We proudly call upon all those who may fit the bill to contact the Temple Institute immediately.”


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