Photo Credit: Sraya Diamant / Flash 90
Grieving during funeral for Dvir Sorek hy'd, August 8 2019, in Ofra.

At least a thousand people accompanied Dvir Sorek hy’d on his final journey home Thursday evening as he was laid to rest in the cemetery in the Samaria Jewish community of Ofra.

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Sorek was stabbed to death in an ambush by terrorists in Judea near the Gush Etzion Jewish community of Migdal Oz, where he was learning in an IDF hesder yeshiva military program, sometime Wednesday evening. His body was found near the community in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Eulogies were delivered in the Psalm of Assaf Synagogue in Givat Zvi and from there, the funeral procession moved on to the civilian cemetery.

Yoav Sorek, the soldier’s father, spoke to his murdered son, saying in a few days “we should have celebrated your 19th birthday. . . At your circumcision I talked about thanking you – this time I will thank my G-d. . .

“We received a gift for 19 years which shed light and goodness on our family and on others outside, without pretense and without cynicism,” said Sorek’s father in eulogizing his son.

“For this gift I said, and I say again: The Lord gave, and the Lord took, May the Lord be blessed,” he said.

“The Lord took and we won’t know how we will have the strength to continue. But continue we will, with love and doing good, and we will continue to add goodness and light in spite of the pain, having been chosen to live and to continue to spread light. May your soul be bound up with the bundle of life.”


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