Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
IDF soldiers searching for a terrorist. Feb. 2020

A terrorist who fired on Israeli soldiers stationed on Route 463 near the Israeli community of Dolev a week and a half ago was killed by the troops’ gunfire and had not fled the scene as was initially estimated, the IDF revealed.

An IDF spokesperson stated Monday that following an operational and intelligence effort by all the security forces and after extensive scans, IDF fighters located on Monday a body that is suspected of being that of the terrorist who carried out the shooting attack on February 6.


An IDF soldier in his early 20s was lightly injured in the exchange of fire by a bullet that grazed his head. He was treated by Israeli medics at the scene and then taken to a Tel Aviv hospital for further treatment.

The terrorist’s body was found under tangled vegetation in the wadi, near an M16 assault rifle and a handgun.

The IDF initially estimated that the terrorist had fled the scene, but apparently the Nachshon Battalion fighters who were surprised by the terrorist’s shooting at the intersection responded with accurate fire and eliminated the terrorist who ambushed them.

The shooting attack in the Benyamin Region was the third terror attack that day.

Earlier in the day, an Arab terrorist shot and lightly injured a police officer at the entrance to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City. Policemen at the site shot and killed the terrorist.

Before that, an Arab terrorist rammed his car into a group of IDF soldiers in Jerusalem, injuring 12 soldiers, one of whom is in serious condition. He was captured several hours later.