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IDF forces in manhunt after the Ariel Junction terrorist, March 17, 2018

It has been cleared for publication that the terrorist who carried out the attack on soldiers and civilians at the Ariel junction and at the Giti Avisar junction was Omar Abu Laili from the village of Zawiya in the Salfit area of ​​Samaria.


On the night between Sunday and Monday, the IDF and Shin Bet raided the terrorist’s family’s home and interrogated his father, brothers, and other family members. One of his brothers was detained.

IDF forces in cooperation with the Shin Bet, the Border Police and the Israel Police operated throughout the night in the villages of the Ephraim Regional Brigade, as part of the hunt for the terrorist who carried out the attack yesterday. Armed forces, including special forces, are conducting a chase for the terrorist in the area of ​​the village of Brukin.

An initial investigation of the incident revealed that around 9:45 AM the terrorist stabbed an IDF soldier at the Ariel junction, took his weapon and fired at civilian vehicles. After that shooting, the terrorist drove with a vehicles he commandeered there towards the Giti Avisar junction while firing. After that attack, the terrorist fled with the stolen vehicle towards the Arab village of Brukin.

“We will continue to chase the terrorists, day and night, wherever they hide,” said Central Command chief Maj. Gen. Nadav Padan.

The forces have already mapped the house belonging to the terrorist’s family in preparation for its possible demolition and carried out extensive searches and checks at the entrances and exits to the villages. At the same time, extensive operational, intelligence, and ethical efforts are continuing seek to locate and capture the terrorist.


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