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Brothers in Arms trying to pull an old car onto Highway 1 in a thwarted attempt to set it on fire during rush hour, May 20, 2024.

The Im Tirtzu Movement has filed a complaint against the leaders of the Brothers in Arms organization with Israeli police, alleging “They pose a danger to public peace, this is a test for law enforcement to do the right thing.”


On Monday night, Israeli Police issued a serious notice regarding the arrest of 8 activists from Brothers in Arms, including 4 of the group’s leaders: Ron Sharaf, Eitan Herzl, Oren Shivil, and Dror Erez.

According to police reports, several individuals were observed near a Mekorot facility on Highway 1, the main road to Jerusalem, suspected of intending to block the road with 3 destroyed vehicles set on fire. Upon arrival, detectives found piles of planks, fuel tanks, tires, gloves, and rags inside and near the vehicles.

Police stated that several protesters planned to use ropes to drag the vehicles onto Highway 1 during rush hour traffic and set them ablaze, endangering drivers. Some suspects resisted arrest and disobeyed orders, attempting to forcibly bring the vehicles onto the highway before being stopped.

Im Tirtzu stated their concern that Brothers in Arms “consider themselves above the law,” and are creating real risk to citizens and interfering with police duties. They expect the state prosecutor to file indictments swiftly and impartially, as was done during the 2005 protests against the Gaza disengagement.

Im Tirtzu expressed disbelief that during wartime, these individuals claiming to be reservists are instead endangering police and civilians.


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