Photo Credit: United Hatzalah
Scene of the terror attack near Migron and Kochav Yaakov on Road 60. Nov. 29, 2022

A young woman, approximately 20-years-old, was wounded in a ramming attack on Road 60, near Migron and Kochav Yaakov in the Binyamin region. The attack happened on Tuesday, just before 11 AM. The woman was treated by medics from United Hatzalah and MDA. Initial reports say she suffered a head injury and is in serious condition, but she is conscious. The driver rammed her and kept driving with her on the hood of his car.


The terrorist was neutralized and killed by police officers David Yoel and Menashe Naftali. The terrorists worked in the nearby industrial park in the Rami Levy supermarket.

According to the Binyamin security center, the attack happened between on the highway between the Kochav Yaakov gas station and the turnoff to Michmas.

Bullet holes can be seen in the windshield of the terrorist’s car.

The car of the terrorist in near Kochav Yaakov. Nov. 29, 2022

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Erez Shalom who was the first responder at the scene relayed, “I was filling up my car at the gas station nearby when I saw the car that perpetrated the ramming in line behind me. At some point the driver decided not to go into the gas station, pulled out, and drove into a woman standing nearby. He then drove away from the scene.
I alerted dispatch to what had happened and rushed over to the woman and began treating her for her injuries. She suffered a serious head injury as well as other injuries to her limbs and cuts and abrasions. Other volunteers arrived and assisted me in helping to stabilize her at the scene. When the ambulance arrived, she was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center for treatment.”


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