Photo Credit: Danielle Shitrit / Flash 90
Rocket Gazing - Watching an Iron Dome intercept in Tel Aviv.

Two and a half minutes before 2 am on a Friday night (Saturday am) in Be’er Sheva, the walls of the Negev capital’s most popular nightclub, The Forum, began to pulse red with the rise and fall of an incoming “Red Alert” rocket siren. The club’s DJ also made the announcement himself as well.

IDF Attacks Hamas Targets in Gaza After More ‘Ceasefire Rocket Fire’


Partygoers hopped over tables, counters and bars to shelter anywhere they could; the club was packed and there were very few options. Some just stayed where they were, realizing there was simply nowhere to go.

The attack targeted the entire city of Be’er Sheva, the surrounded area in which numerous Bedouin villages are located, and its Jewish suburbs which included the town of Omer.

The Iron Dome anti-missile aerial defense system intercepted two rockets over the city, neutralizing both.