Photo Credit: Avi Edri/TPS
Captured terrorist in Ariel, Sept. 6, 2020

Attempted stabbing in Ariel Circle in Samaria: a terrorist approached a group of soldiers at the entrance to the city and tried to stab them. After failing to do so, the terrorist began to flee but after a brief chase was shot in the legs by security forces and captured.

The terrorist was treated at the scene and transferred for questioning by security forces. The terrorist’s knife was found at the scene.


This is an area where quite a few Arab workers gather every day, while soldiers are waiting at the nearby hitchhiking stops.

Last Wednesday, an Arab terrorist tried to run over with his car an Israeli soldier and a policeman near the Tapuach junction, injuring both lightly. The terrorist veered his vehicle in their direction as they were standing near a bus stop and hit them, then got out of the car with the intention of stabbing them but was shot and neutralized.