Photo Credit: TPS
Palestinian Authority terrorist still clutching the screwdriver with which he tried to kill a Jewish farmer on January 21, 2023

A Palestinian Authority terrorist died on the Sabbath when he attacked a Jewish farmer at his homestead in Sde Efraim in the Binyamin region, northwest of Ramallah.


Tariq Odeh Youssef Ma’ali, a 40-year-old resident of a nearby Arab village, arrived at the farm in a car with Israeli license plates. When he exited his vehicle, he tried to stab the farmer at his home, using a heavy screwdriver.

The farmer, however, retreated, pulled his weapon and opened fire to defend himself, killing his attacker.

The attack by a Palestinian Authority terrorist took place in Sde Efraim on January 21, 2023

The name of the would-be victim – who was unharmed — has not been released.

Sde Efraim is a small community located between the Jewish towns of Dolev and Na’aleh, east of Modi’in Illit and Kfar Ha’Oranim.


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